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Welcome to the ISOCM

A message from Father Ivan Moody, board chair

Welcome to ISOCM

The International Society for Orthodox Church Music (ISOCM) was founded to provide researchers, composers, singers, and students with opportunities to meet, share experiences and scores, and to participate in conferences worldwide.

This website enables ISOCM to achieve those goals by helping musicians in the discovery of materials, digital manuscripts, and the exchanging of ideas to enhance the development of musical resources.

The ISOCM strives to accomplish these efforts for students of Orthodox liturgical music around the world, by extending knowledge and fomenting creativity in the area of Orthodox church singing. ISOCM believes strongly in the raising of standards, the importance of international-interdisciplinary research groups, and the avoidance of unnecessary duplication of efforts.

The ISOCM continues to look for ways to reinforce the unity of Orthodoxy in tangible ways for those living in modern society. Membership in ISOCM is open to anyone within any national church or jurisdiction.

The contacts and choir exchanges/trips between musicians who have attended the initial ISOCM conferences prove that the Society's aims are being achieved. We hope you'll join us in these efforts!

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