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About the Society

The International Society for Orthodox Church Music (ISOCM) was founded by an international group of musicians and scholars on 18th June 2005, following the First International Conference on Orthodox Church Music, “The Traditions of Orthodox Music”, held at the University of Joensuu, 13–19 June 2005, and with the blessing of His Eminence Archbishop Leo of Karelia and all Finland. 

The Society has as its aims:

  1. The fomentation of contact and sharing of information between Orthodox church musicians and 
    institutions with like aims internationally;

  2. The regular organization of international conferences and the publication of the 
    proceedings thereof;

  3. The publication of other resources for Orthodox Church music, including books, music publications
    and facsimiles.

The SecondThirdFourth, Fifth, Sixth and Seventh International Conferences were heavily subscribed, and the Eighth Conference continues to build on this tradition, thereby vindicating the vision of the founding members of the Society, to bring together musicians of diverse traditions with the Orthodox Church (and, it should be said, from related theological and musicological fields) with the aim of encouraging dialogue and discussion and the sharing of ideas. 

The Proceedings of the six conferences (2005, 2007, 2009, 2011, 2013 and 2015) are currently available for purchase. These webpages are constantly being developed and expanded, so please bookmark this site and return frequently.

The Society also publishes an on-line Journal of articles and content relating to church music.

The Eighth International Conference will be held in Joensuu, Finland in June 2019 – we hope you'll consider joining us.

On behalf of ISOCM,

Very Rev. Dr Ivan Moody, ISOCM Chairman


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