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Index of ISOCM Publications (by author)

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Publications of the International Society for Orthodox Church Music 
ISSN 1796-9581

Journal of the International Society for Orthodox Church Music (JISOCM)
ISSN 2342-1258


Abijski, Marcin
The Problem of Reviving the Singing Tradition of the Suprasl Monastery of the Annunciation on the Basis of the Manuscript Irmologion (1598-1601). Publications No. 3, 114-121

Ahmedaja, Ardian
Music in the churches Arbëreshë in Southern Italy and Sicily. Proceedings No. 2, 98-114


Fan S. Noli and Musical Practice in the Orthodox Church in Albania. Publications No. 4, 345-368

Alexeeva, Galina
The ’Earthly’ and the ’Divine’ in the Soglasnik of the 17th century Russian Singing Azbuka no. 32.16.18 from the Library of the Academy of Science. Publications No. 3, 276-286


Reflections of Byzantine tradition in Russian singing terminology (on the basis of 17th century Azbuka from the Russian Academy of Science Library no. 32.16.18). Publications No. 4, 459-463


New methodological approaches to the analysis of the processes of adaptation of Byzantine artin ancient Russia: singing tradition and liturgical action. Publications No. 6, 219-224


Apostolopoulos, Thomas
Levels of Orality in Byzantine Music. Publications No. 4, 73-81


Diagrams and “Kanonia” as Visual Representations of Musical Instruments in the Theoryof Psaltic Art. Publications No. 6, 153-172


Artamonova, Yulia

The Hilandar Obikhod: An Archaic Style in New Melodies. Publications No. 3, 51-55

The Earliest Hymns to Saint Iosif Volotsky from the Eparchial Collection. Publications No. 6, 345-349


Arvanitis, Ioannis
The Heirmologion by Balasios the Priest. A Middle-point between Past and Present. Publications No. 1, 235-264



Balageorgos, Dimitrios
Unity and variety in Orthodox music: The case of the Great Doxology (second half of the 18th century – beginnings of the 19th century). Publications No. 4, 121-38


Representing the Holy Trinity in Verse and Music. Publications No. 6, 188-195

Byzantine musical tradition in Cyprus and Crete after the Fall of Constantinople. JISOCM Vol. 2, 1-11

Barnes, Paul

Minimalism, Mysticism, and Monasticism: Concert Music Inspired by Byzantine Chant. JISOCM Vol. 2, 57-66


Beck, Caitlin
Sing and Eastern Song to the Lord. Publications No. 3, 347-355

Black, John M.

Finding Beauty in Choral Relationships. JISOCM Vol. 2, 67-71

Bolgarsky, Dmitry
Kievo-Pechersk Chant. Publications No. 1, 297-319

Borovova, Žanna
The Liturgical Singing Culture of the Pomor’e Old Believers of the Baltic Region. Publications No. 3, 181-190

Boyer, John Michael

Byzantine Chant for Congregational Singing. JISOCM Vol. 2, 72-82


Carina, Vera
The Serbian Church Singing Society of Pančevo as a Part of Serbian Culture. Publications No. 3, 242-253


Chaldaeakes, Achilleas
The figures of composer and chanter in Greek Psaltic Art. Proceedings No. 2, 267-302


Singing antiphonally: unity or variety? Publications No. 4, 139-163


Illustrating Melodies: Iconographical Instructions in Byzantine Music Theory and Practice. Publications No. 6, 138-152

Chater, James
Staying awake at the Wheel. Some thoughts on arranging and composing Orthodox church music. Publications No. 1, 51-69

Between Babylon and Pentecost: Why the absence of a common translation should not be allowed to impede compositional creativity. Publications No. 2, 213-219


Chernyak, Dmitry
An Exploration of the Metrical System of Melismatic Singing of Psalms in liturgical use in Edinovercy Orthodox Parishes. Publications No. 4, 336-344


Creutlein, Tarja von 
Einojuhani Rautavaara’s All-Night Vigil in Memory of St. John the Baptist. Publications No. 1, 90-101


Crotty, Joel (with Livia Teodorescu-Ciocănea)
Spectral examination of Byzantine Chant archetype. JISOCM Vol. 1, 1-19


Davydov, Alexander (with Sergei Starostenkov and Veikko Purmonen)
The Bells of the Uspensky Cathedral. Publications No. 3, 342-345

Diasamidze-Graham, Ekaterine
The Coexistece of Russian and Georgian Chant. Publications No. 4, 179-182

Dimitrov, Dimitar
Church Music in Bulgaria. Publications No. 1, 46-50

Djaković, Bogdan
Serbian Orthodox Choral Music in the First Half of the 20th Century. Publications No. 1, 172-179


The Modern traditionalist Milivoje M. Crvčanin (1892-1978): A portrait of a priest, diplomat and composer. Publications No. 2, 191-198


Rediscovering a Serbian national style: Problems in sacred architecture, church art and church music in the late 1930s:

The case of the Orthodox choral music of Milenko Živkovic (1901-1964). Publications No. 3, 306-312


New Identities in Contemporary Serbian Orthodox Church Music: The Gypsy Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom by Zoran Mulić (2010). Publications No. 4, 318-324


Serbian Orthodox Choral Music: Its Revival over the Last Three Decades. Publications No. 6, 94-101


Dumitrescu, Alexandru-Marius
Byzantine Musical Tradition in Romania as Revealed in Romanian Anastasimataria (19th – 20th centuries). Publications No. 1, 30-40



Ealy, Gregory
Teaching and Tradition: Singing the Kievan and Bakhmetev Obikhods in English. Publications No. 6, 370-386

Engelhardt, Jeffers 
”Every Bird Has Its Own Song”: Congregational singing and the making of Estonian Orthodoxy, 1840s-1930s. Publications No. 2, 303-336


Freedman, Sydney (Novice Nicoletta)
‘Evidence of the Divine Economy’: Christ’s Work and Condescension through the Iconsand Hymns of Bridegroom Matins. Publications No. 6, 33-47

Liturgically-informed Aesthetics: A Theological Approach to Chant Pedagogy and Performance. JISOCM Vol. 2, 83-89

Freeman, Evan
Rethinking the Role of Style in Orthodox Iconography: The Invention of Tradition in the Writings of Florensky, Ouspensky and Kontoglou. Publications No. 6, 350-369


Galadza, Daniel
Church Singing and Chant in Galicia, 1900-1944. An Historical and Theological Survey. Publications No. 3, 88-102

The Russicum, Russia, and Ruthenians: The Life and Work of Ludwig Pichler, SJ. Publications No. 4, 379-392

“Open your mouth and attract the Spirit”: St Theodore the Stoudite and Participation in the Icon of Worship. Publications No. 6, 441-454

Garofalo, Girolamo
A Greek-Byzantine musical island inside an Italian island: the Byzantine chant of the Arbëresh of Sicily. Publications No. 6, 387-400

Generalow, Alla
’Finding Asparagus at Christmas’: Nationhood and Russian Identity in the Performance Practice History of Rachmaninoff’s All-night Vigil, Op. 37. The Bells of the Uspensky Cathedral. Publications No. 3, 356-362

Process in Contemporary Hymnography and Iconography: Fr Vasilije Sokolovic and his father, St Budimir of Dobrun. Publications No. 6, 15-22

Gerasimova, Irina
The 17th Century Choral Concert Vošel esi vo cerkov’ by Nikolaj Dileckij: Tracing its Origin and Early Use. Publications No. 3, 287-299

The ”Requiem” Liturgy by Nikolai Dileckij: Questions of Reconstruction. Publications No. 4, 370-378

The Revived Icon of the Nativity of Christ in the 8-part Concert “A Mystery I Behold Which is Strange and Wondrous” by Cybul’skiy. Publications No. 6, 260-264

Gheorgiță, Nicolae
Byzantine Chant in the Romanian Principalities during the Phanariot Period (1711-1821). Publications No. 2, 65-97

Observations on the technique of transcription (ἐξήγησις) into the New Method of analytical music notation of the Sunday Koinonikon of the 17th and 18th centuries. Publications No. 4, 261-294

Graham, John A.
”You Are the Vineyard, Newly Blossomed”: Contemporary performance aesthetics in Georgian Orthodox Chant. Publications No. 2, 256-266

Without Parallel: Voice-Crossing and Textual Rhythm in West Georgian Chant. Publications No. 4, 164-177

Grindenko, Anatoly
The Perspectives of Reviving Znamenny Singing in Russia. Publications No. 1, 363-374

Gudkov, Aleksey
Eating the scroll: the motif of creative initiation in the iconography of Romanos the Melodist. Publications No. 6, 417-428


Harkov, Stefan
Breitkopf’s influence: A Balkan way of musical publishing. Publications No. 2, 199-202

Harri, Jopi
The ”Decay” revisited: The St. Petersburg Court Chant in the context of other common chant traditions of 19th century Russia. Publications No. 1, 102-129

Principles of traditional harmonization in Eastern Slavic chant. Proceedings No. 2, 228-255

On the Polyphonic Chant of Valaam Monastery. Publications No. 3, 203-224

The Eastern Slavic Chant Manuscript ‘Great Feasts’ of the National Library of Finland, JISOCM Vol. 2, 21-36

Husso, Katariina
Tradition re-evaluated: the Discourse on Orthodox Icons in Finland. Publications No. 6, 297-302


Ismael-Simental, Emilia
Report on the Russian Orthodox Church in Mexico and its Current Musical Practice. Publications No. 3, 153-158



Jeremiah-Foulds, Rachel
Spiritual Independece, or a Cultural Norm? Galina Ustvolskaya and the Znamenny Raspev. Publications No. 3, 314-326

Jaropolov, Alexei
Conceptualization of the Musical Alphabet in Russian Theory of the 17th Century. Publications No. 1, 320-344


Karanos, Grammenos
Poetic and Musical Imagery in Kalophonic Heirmoi to the Theotokos. Publications No. 6, 429-440

Kindratyuk, Bohdan

The Origins of Bell-Ringing in Kievan Rus, JISOCM Vol. 2, 37-43

Kostyuk, Natalia
Congregational singing in divine services in the last third of the 19th – first decades of the 20th century. Publications No. 6, 334-344

The Kiev Theological Academy Choir: Organization, Tradition and Experimentation. JISOCM Vol. 2, 44-50


Kozarenko, Oleksandr
Sacred monody in the contemporary art of composing in Ukraine. Publications No. 2, 224-227

Kreuz, Inge 
The Anabathmoi in Old Russian Manuscripts and in the Tradition of the Old Believers Based on Russian Sources from the Early 12th Century and from the 16th – 19th Century. Publications No. 3, 327-340

Centonization in Old Russian Liturgical Chant. Publications No. 4, 442-452

Kritikou, Flora
Kalophonic Settings of Stichera Idiomela in Byzantine and Cypriot Tradition: Points of Convergence and Divergence. Publications No. 4, 82-98

Abbot Sisoes’ lamentation: a composition with iconographical origins. Publications No. 6, 126-137

Kruchinina, Albina
Concerning the two types of offices for ascetic saints. Publications No. 2, 50-55.

Kujumdzieva, Svetlana
Studying the Octoechos: From the Octoechos to the Anastasimatarion. Publications No. 3, 122-129

Music for St Petka of Tārnovo. Publications No. 4, 199-211

An interpretation of the Song of Moses miniature depicted in manuscript Vaticanus Graecus 752. Publications No. 6, 112-125


Lingas, Alexander
How Musical was the ’Sung Office’? Some Observations on the Ethos of the Late Byzantine Cathedral Rite. Publications No. 1, 217-234

Lucs, David
Introducing children to hymnography through iconography. Publications No. 6, 202-211


Makarovskaya, Melitina
Znamenny Chant as a system of singing philosophy. Proceedings No. 2, 60-64

Research on Local Old-Believer Liturgical Music Traditions. Publications No. 3, 165-170

Concerning two liturgical singing traditions among contemporary priested Old Believers (Popovtsy). Publications No. 4, 251-260

Manoras, Costas
The Musical Traditions of the Choir of the Greek Cathedral of St Sophia London. Publications No. 4, 421-440

Marinčák, Šimon 
Notes on Congragational Participation in the Eparchy of Mukačevo. Publications No. 4, 63-71

Some Observations on Musical Practice in the Eparchy in Mukačevo in the 18th Century. Publications No. 6, 102-111

Metso, Pekka
Church music singing through the eyes of a theologian. Publications No. 1, 345-350

Moisil, Costin
The Making of Romanian National Church Music (1859-1914). Publications No. 3, 225-231

An Icon, a Pilgrimage, and a Few Songs. Publications No. 6, 212-218

Moody, Ivan
The idea of canonicity in Orthodox liturgical art. Publications No. 2, 337-342

Tradition and Creation in Bulgarian Orthodox Church Music: The Work of Petar Dinev. Publications No. 3, 232-241

In Time and Out of Time: Theology in Sofia Gubaidulina’s St John Passion and St John Easter. Publications No. 4, 43-55

Modernism and Orthodox Spirituality in Contemporary Music. Publications No. 5.

St Mary of Egypt as Icon and Opera. Publications No. 6, 48-62

Music, Beauty and Prayer. JISOCM Vol. 2, 51-56

Mudri-Zubacz, Melita
Liturgical Song as an Aural Icon: Towards a Theology of Sound and Participation. Publications No. 6, 456-474

Myers, Gregory
From Out of the Drawer: Faith, Ritual and Russian Orthodoxy – Nikolai Korndorf’s Setting of the Divine Liturgy. JISOCM Vol. 1, 20-32

Archbishop John of Novgorod and the Singing of a Kontakion – Some Musical Evidence. Publications No. 6, 312-318


Nastasă, Ionuț-Gabriel
Unpublished testimony concerning church music at Văratec Monastery in the first half of the 20th century. Publications No. 6, 225-239

Nykänen, Petri
Approaching old tradition of chant in the Finnish Orthodox Church. Arrangements, Notation and Language. Publications No. 1, 75-83


Ocneanu, Gabriela
Evstaties’s Cherubic Hymn compositios – his Cherubic Hymn in Mode III. Publications No. 2, 115-141

New Results on the Transmission of Filothej’s Pripjala. Publications No. 3, 191-201

Olkinuora, Jaakko
The adaptation of Byzantine Chant into Finnish. Publications No. 2, 142-152

Archbishop Paul and the Quest for Finnish Orthodox Church Singing. Publications No. 3, 300-305

“New” aspects of studying hymnography: The Doxastikon of the Aposticha of the feast of the Entrance. Publications No. 4, 230-239

Four Typological Images of Mary in the Hymnography for the Feast of the Entrance. JISOCM Vol. 1, 33-42

Approaches to Hymnography as Iconic Narration: The case of the Entrance of the Theotokos. Publications No. 6, 23-32


Pancza, Dávid
The Filotean Pripěla. Analysis of text and melody. Publications No. 4, 471-484

Peno, Sara
The Liturgical Typikon as a Source for Medieval Chanting Practice. Publications No. 2, 203-212

The Post-Byzantine Psaltic origin of the recent Serbian church chant. JISOCM Vol. 1, 43-57

Perković, Ivana
Musical symbols in Serbian liturgical poetry (Srbljak). Publications No. 4, 191-198

Petrović, Danica
Church Chant in the Serbian Orthodox Church through the Centuries. Publications No. 1, 180-195

Pietarinen, Anneli
Daily Vespers. A New Possibility for Parish Life. Publications No. 1, 71-74

Piiroinen, Petri
”Vaeltajan lauluja”: A spiritual song collection in post-war Finland. Publications No. 4, 464-470

Plotnikova, Natalia
The ”Requiem” Divine Liturgy by Vasili Titov: Findings and Enigmas. Publications No. 4, 407-420

The Trezvony to Icons of the Mother of God in Partes Polyphony. Publications No. 6, 286-296

Poliakova, Svetlana
Certain compositional characteristics in the heirmos of the 8th Tone (based on Russian sources from the 12th-17th centuries). Publications No. 1, 130-170

Sin 319 and Voskr 27 as a Triodion set. Questions concerning the composition and disposition of daily hymnography. Publications No. 2, 32-43

Sin 319 and Voskr 27 as a Triodion set. Questions concerning the content of commemorations and the counting system in the Triodion cycle. Publications No. 3, 131-152

Purmonen, Veikko (with Alexander Davydov and Sergei Starostenkov)

The Bells of the Uspensky Cathedral. Publications No. 3, 342-345



Radakovich Holsberg, Lisa
A Simple Tune: Contemporary Chant Settings of Byzantine Poetry. Publications No. 6, 63-93

Ramazanova, Natalia
The Idea of the Muscovy Tsardom in 16th Century Church Singing. Publications No. 3, 67-75

Two Branches of Old Believer Literature in the Russian National Library. Publications No. 4, 308-317

Ruottinen, Timo
Finnish Orthodox church music: Three generations of contemporary composers – Our musical iconography. Publications No. 2, 158-174


Sander, Kurt

The Gift of Tears: Some Perspectives on ”Joyful Sorrow” in Orthodox Art and Music. JISOCM Vol. 2, 90-96

Seppälä, Hilkka
The Dust of the Ground Praises His Creator. A View of the Essesnce of Orthodox Church Singing. Publications No. 1, 197-216

Singing into flames of fire. A remembrance from the Martyr Church. Publications No. 2, 18-31.

St Cecilia (Kikilia): A Musical Martyr in the Eastern and Western Traditions. Publications No. 3, 40-49

The Unity and Variety of Church Music Traditions. A Theological View. Publications No. 4, 56-62

Seppälä, Serafim
Music in the Temple of Jerusalem during the Time of Apostles. Publications No. 3, 27-38

Is Existence a Song? Orthodox Remarks on the Relation between Music and Ontology. Publications No. 4, 29-42

Shugliashvili, Davit
Similarities and Differences in the Georgian Chant School Traditions. Publications No. 4, 183-190

Simmons, Nikita
”Po Ustavu” – According to the Typicon: The rituals and singing of the Russian Old Believers. Publications No. 2, 175-190

Starostenkov, Sergei (with Alexander Davydov and Veikko Purmonen)
The Bells of the Uspensky Cathedral. Publications No. 3, 342-345

Stroumpakis, Michael
The interpretative tradition of hymns in Athonite monasticism. Diversity and unity. A first approach. Publications No. 4, 99-119

Byzantine Iconography and Byzantine Church Music: Two Parallel Paths. Publications No. 6, 173-187


Takala-Roszczenko, Maria
Aspects of the Study of the Development of Orthodox Church Singing in Poland-Lithuania in the 16th-17th Century. Publications No. 1, 266-273

The ”Latin” within the ”Greek”: The Feast of Corpus Christi in 17th-18th century Ruthenian Practice. Publications No. 3, 76-87

“Imported on a jet-plane”: the Byzantine “revival” in Finnish Orthodox church music inthe 1950s-60s. Publications No. 6, 303-311

Teodorescu-Ciocănea, Livia (with Joel Crotty)

Spectral examination of Byzantine Chant archetype. JISOCM Vol. 1, 1-19

Troelsgård, Christian
Chant papyri and the ’Jerusalem Tropologion’. An important group of sources for the study of the formation of the earliest Orthodox chant repertories. Publications No. 4, 20-28


Virolainen, Wilhelmiina
Some composers of Finnish Orthodox Music. Publications No. 1, 84-89

Introducing Leonid Bashmakov: A Finnish composer. Publications No. 2, 153-157


Woodill, Juliana

Children’s Choirs in Church. JISOCM Vol. 2, 97-102


Zakharina, Nina
Investigation into Russian Liturgical Chant Books of the 17th-21st Centuries. Publications No. 3, 254-261

A Sticheron for the Feast of the Dormition of the Mother of God. Publications No. 4, 212-229


Абийский, Мартин 
Проблема восстановления певческой традиции Супрасльского Благовещенского Монастыря на основании рукописного Ирмологиона 1598-1601 в историческом аспекте Византийского влияния. Publications No. 3, 104-113

Алексеева, Галина 
Дольнее и горнее в Согласнике русской певческой Азбуки XVII века из Библиотеки Академии Наук 32.16.18. Publications No. 3, 262-275

Память византийской традиции в русской певческой терминологии (на материале Азбуки XVII века БАН 32.16.18). Publications No. 4, 453-458


Болгарский, Дмитрий 
Киево-Печерский распев. Publications No. 1, 274-296

Боровова, Жанна 
Богослужебно-певческая культура старообрядцев-поморцев прибалтийского региона. Publications No. 3, 171-181


Димитров, Димитар 
Церковная музыка Болгарии. Publications No. 1, 42-45



Герасимова, Ирина
Ожившая икона Рождества Христова в 8-голосном концерте Цыбульского«Таинство странное вижу». Publications No. 6, 240-259


Гринденко, Анатолий
Возможность восстановления знаменнаго пения в России. Publications No. 1, 351-362

Гудков, Алексей
Снедая свиток: мотив творческой инициации в иконографии Романа Сладкопевца. Publications No. 6, 401-416


Козаренко, Олександр
Сакральная монодия в современном композиторском творчестве Украины. Publications No. 2, 220-224

Костюк, Наталия
Общенародное церковное пение в последней трети ХІХ − первых десятилетий ХХ века. Publications No. 6, 319-333

Кручинина, Альбина
О двух типах служб русским преподобным святым. Publications No. 2, 44-50


Макаровская, Мелитина (M.B.)
Знаменный роспев как система певческого мышления. Publications No. 2, 56-60

Изучение локальных богослужебно-певческих традиций староверия. Publications No. 3, 159-164

О двух богослужебно-певческих традициях в современном старообрядчестве, приемлющем священство. Publications No. 4, 240-251


Плотникова, Н. Ю. 
«Реквириальная» Служба Божия Василия Титова: Oткрытия и загадки. Publications No. 4, 393-406

Трезвоны иконам Божией Матери в партесном многоголосии. Publications No. 6, 265-285


Рамазанова, Наталия (H.B.)
Идеи Московской государственности в церковном пении XVI века. Publications No. 3, 56-67

Две ветви старообрядческой певческой книжности в Российской национальной библиотеке. Publications No. 4, 295-307


Черняк, Дмитрий
Опыт прояснения метрики пространного пения в псалмах для употребления за богослужением. Publications No. 4, 325-336

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