Ninth International Conference on Orthodox Church Music:

“Church Music and Topography: City, Village, and Monastery"

Joensuu, Finland / 7–13 June 2021

The 9th International Conference on Orthodox Church Music will be held at the University of Eastern Finland, in Joensuu, Finland, 7–13 June 2021.

Hosted by the International Society for Orthodox Church Music, the event aims to explore and develop a number of themes related to the theme of "Church Music and Topography: City, Village, and Monastery.

A formal Call for Papers will be issued in September 2020.

Conference presentations

The presentation will deal with different aspects of the theme of the conference as well as other topics related to Eastern Church music. 

The conference sessions consist of presentations of 20 minutes with an additional 10 minutes for discussion.

You may also present your topic in the form of a poster. The programme of the conference will include a poster session.

Papers based on the conference presentations or posters will be published in the Journal of the ISOCM. You may submit your paper in the section of peer-reviewed articles or conference papers. It is expected that all presenters submit their papers with necessary corrections and alterations in time for publication.

The language of the conference is English.

The programme of the conference includes a workshop, a concert, an excursion and multi-tradition divine services in the churches of the Orthodox seminary and the Orthodox parish of Joensuu during the week.

2021 Conference

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