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"Musical and Cultural Osmoses in the Balkans"


The National University of Music Bucharest in collaboration with the IMS Regional Association for the Study of Music of the Balkans announce an International Musicological Conference on the subject Musical and Cultural Osmoses in the Balkans. The conference will take place at the National University of Music Bucharest, on 2–6 September, 2019.

The purpose of the International Musicological Conference is to promote interaction, research, discussion and intercultural dialogue among musicologists, ethnomusicologists, researchers and students from Romania, the Balkans and other countries with an interest on the different local musical traditions in South-East Europe and their interactions to the Mediterranean and broader region



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Summer Music Institute

St. Vladimir's Orthodox Theological Seminary (OCA) in Crestwood, New York, USA is hosting an online music institute, 2-5 June, 2021. 


The event will explore the theme of “Unity in the Church through Song” providing participants with opportunities to attend presentations by pioneering figures in Orthodox sacred music, keynote lectures, panel discussions, and special pop-up presentations. 

Participants will choose between two tiers of study: Boot Camp and Sacred Music Masterclasses, exploring one of three disciplines: conducting, vocal technique, or composition. 

The event is being organized and hosted by the Seminary’s Institute of Sacred Arts (ISA).

Register here:


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