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Orthodox Music Society Launches Expanded Website

Joensuu, Finland - The International Society for Orthodox Church Music (ISOCM) recently launched an expanded version of their website at The new website will enable the Society to enhance the development of musical resources throughout the worldwide family of Orthodox Churches.

“Orthodox musicians are found in all corners of the world today, and the ISOCM wants to reinforce the unity of Orthodox Christianity in tangible ways for those living in modern society,” according to the Rev. Ivan Moody, ISOCM Board Chairman, “The expanded ISOCM website will serve as a portal to Orthodox music resources on the web.”

The ISOCM was founded in June 2005 by a group of musicians and scholars with the blessing of His Eminence, Archbishop Leo of Karelia and all Finland, following the First International Conference on Orthodox Church Music held at the University of Joensuu, Finland.

“During the initial conference it became apparent very quickly there is a need for an organization like the ISOCM to help musicians throughout the Orthodox world in their discovery of materials, digital manuscripts, and the exchanging of ideas,” said Father Moody, adding, “The newly expanded ISOCM website allows us to bring researchers, composers, directors, singers, and students together to meet and share their knowledge and experiences.” The website includes resources from musicians of diverse traditions within Orthodoxy. Among the collection are resources for review and purchase from the first two ISOCM conferences held in 2005 and 2007. The third ISOCM conference is currently being planned for June 2009, and will be hosted by the University of Joensuu, Finland.

Information and registration details for the conference are available on the site.

In the coming months, the ISOCM website will be expanded further to include more resources, links, and information about conferences worldwide. The new website helps extend knowledge and foment creativity in the area of Orthodox Church singing and related theological and musicological fields.

“We live in an amazing time, where technology enables us to make exchange information in so many ways, it’s only appropriate for the ISOCM to take the lead in the Orthodox world to provide a website which helps encourage contact, dialogue, and the sharing of ideas for Orthodox musicians and students,” said Father Moody.

Membership in the ISOCM is open to anyone within any national church or jurisdiction.

For more information about the Society and its efforts, click here.

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