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The Tenth International Conference on Orthodox Church Music

“O Taste and See that the Lord is Good: Church Music, Food and Nourishment”

Joensuu, Finland / 12–18 June 2023

The International Society for Orthodox Church Music 

School of Theology, Philosophical Faculty, University of Eastern Finland

Conference Schedule

The Tenth International Conference on Orthodox Church Music will be held at the University of Eastern Finland, School of Theology, Agora AT100, Yliopistokatu 4, Joensuu

Monday 12th June 

9.30 Opening ceremony

Maria Takala-Roszczenko, Assistant Professor of Church Music, University of Eastern Finland

Ilkka Huhta, Head of the School of Theology, University of Eastern Finland

Very Rev. Ivan Moody, Chairman, ISOCM

Book launch

Opening of the poster exhibition

10.00 First Session

  • Stig Simeon Frøyshov (Norway), The Meal Service of the Horologion: History, Meaning and Performance

  • Flora Kritikou (Greece), Φάγονται πένητες καὶ ἐμπλησθήσονται καὶ αἰνέσουσι Κύριον: Food Blessings in the Cretan Repertory

  • Evangelia Spyrakou (Greece), On the Fasting of the Byzantine Chanter 

11.30 Lunch


13.00 Second Session

  • Hieromonk Damaskinos of Xenophontos (Finland/Athos), Heavenly Nourishment in the Entrance of the Theotokos into the Temple

  • Harrison Russin (USA), Identification and Meaning in the Hymnography of Holy Week: Judas and the Mystical Supper

  • Andrew Mellas (Australia), ‘The Loaves Gave Birth’: Heavenly Nourishment in the Hymns of St Romanos the Melodist


15.00 Coffee


15.30 Keynote

Dr Thomas Arentzen (Uppsala University, Sweden)

Eating the Gospel: Between Craving and Disgorging in Romanos the Melodist


17.00 Vespers (Church of St John Theologian)


18.00 Reception



Tuesday 13th June 


10.00 Third Session

  • Margaret Haig (UK), Bringing Christmas Cheer: Carols to Nurture and Witness the Faith

  • Maria Rizzuto (Italy), Ritual Plurilingualism and “Food Multilingualism”. Community Practices of the Church of Sant’Alessandro di Comana in Palermo

  • Panteleimon Zafiris (Greece/Ireland), The Use of Music in the Monastic Trapeza: From Orthodox Patrology in Practice Today in the Greek Area

11.30 Lunch

13.00 Fourth Session

  • Protopresbyter Ivan Moody (Portugal), The Troparion of Kassiani: The Figure of the Repentant Woman in the Music of Greek Composers of the 20th Century

  • Alex Khalil (Ireland), Eat your words: Orality, Literacy, and Embodied Learning Through Sacred Music

  • Sister Sidonia (Freedman) (USA), Stichera, Scents, Stitches, and Self-Emptying: How Christ Nourishes and Cherishes the Church, in Light of Hymnography for the Feast of the Life-Giving Pillar and Georgian Paraliturgical Traditions


14.30 Coffee


15.00 Fifth Session

  • Serafim Seppälä (Finland), The Natural Foundation of the Eight Musical Modes in Bar Hebraeus

  • Richard Barrett (USA), The Soundscape of Festal Vespers: An Aural Ethnography of Greek Orthodox Churches in Boston

  • Tuuli Lukkala (Finland), Aesthetics in the Soundscapes of Orthodox Worship in Finland

16.30 Workshop

Conducted by Anna Conomos (UK)

18.30 Reception

Wednesday 14th June 


8.00 Divine Liturgy


9.45 Coffee


10.00 Sixth Session

  • Harri Huovinen (Finland), Physical and Spiritual Nourishment in the Catechetical Homilies of John Chrysostom

  • Nina-Maria Wanek (Austria), The Liturgy of the Presanctified Gifts as a Unique Path of Spiritual Nourishment

  • Karim Guirguis (Canada), Embodied Liturgical Experience as an Extension of Eucharist


11.30 Lunch


13.00 Seventh Session

  • Aleksandr Andreev (Norway), The 17th Century Znamenny Hirmologion: Sources, Principles of Reform, and Place in the Russian Musical Tradition

  • Victoria Legkikh (Germany), You Were Praise of Fasting: The Service to St Euthymius

  • Marcin Abijski (Poland), The Greek Repertory in Ruthenian Irmologia as a Key to Some Questions of Byzantine Musicology


14.30 Coffee


15.00 Workshop

Conducted by Anna Conomos (UK)


16.40 Annual meeting of the ISOCM


Free night



Thursday 15th June 

10.00 Eighth Session

  • Nina Shultz (USA), Slaviq: An Expression of Native Alaskan Orthodoxy

  • Yousef Sawires (Canada), An Evaluation of Protestant-Style Worship During the Distribution of Communion in the Coptic Orthodox Church

  • Girolamo Garofalo (Italy), “Flowers and fruits on/for the earth”. Food, Nature’s Rebirth and Spiritual Renewal in the Lazarus Songs among the Albanians of Sicily.


11.30 Lunch


13.00 Ninth Session

  • Svetlana Poliakova (Portugal), The Stichera of the Saturday of Saint Theodore in the Oldest Lenten Manuscripts: at the Crossroads of Traditions

  • Donatella Bucca (Italy), Koinonika in Italo-Greek Musical Manuscripts

  • Yulia Artamonova (Serbia), Collections of Model Chants (Подобники) as a Cookbook for Chanters

14.30 Coffee

15.00 Keynote

Professor Davor Džalto (University College Stockholm, Sweden)

The Material Faith: Orthodoxy, Materiality and Creation


18.00 Concert: Echoes of Byzantium in Western Rus

Conducted by Marcin Abiskij (Poland)


Friday 16th June 

10.00 Tenth Session

  • Nino Naneishvili (Georgia), Christian Religious Music in Georgia

  • Bogdan Đaković (Serbia), The Existence of Orthodox Choirs through the Period of the Socialist Republic of Yugoslavia – a Case Study of the Serbian Orthodox Priests’ Choir of the Diocese of Bačka (1951–1996)

  • Simon Marincak (Slovakia), Is it Possible to Have a Proper Musical Tradition Without Musical Books? The Formation of Chant Tradition in the Carpathians


11.30 Lunch


13.00 Eleventh Session

  • Pavlos Kordis (Greece), Receive the Body of Christ: The Compositional Style and Efficiency of Communion Verses

  • Robert Galbraith (UK), Why Did Western Polyphony Appear in Russian Sacred Music in Mid-17th Century?

  • Ekaterina Antonenko (INTRADA Vocal Ensemble), Orthodox Church Music of Baldassare Galuppi for the Great Lent and Easter

14.30 Coffee

15.00 Twelfth Session

  • James Chater (France), Beauty, Worship and Music in the Church

  • Margarita Moisejeva (Lithuania), Orthodox Church Music in the Lithuanian Language in the Context of the Socio-political Environment

  • Riikka Patrikainen (Finland), Research on Singing Funerals as a Female Cantor in the Orthodox Church of Finland – Why Do We Need Autoethnography in Studies on Orthodoxy?


16.30 Conclusion of the academic programme


17.00 Vespers (Church of St John the Theologian)

18.00 Evening of songs



Saturday 17th June 


Excursion, departure from GreenStar Hotel (Torikatu 16)


Sunday 18th June 

10.00 Divine Liturgy at the Church of St Nicholas
Orthodox Parish of Joensuu, Kirkkokatu 23


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