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International Conference on Orthodox Church Music in Prague

“Ars Nova East and West”

Prague, Czech Republic / 14-16 October 2016

Conference Schedule

The International Conference was held at Charles University in Prague

Access the proceedings.

Friday 14th October

10:00 Opening Ceremony and Welcome Addresses


Opening of the Conference:

Ivan Moody, Chairman, ISOCM

prof. PaedDr. Michal Nedělka, Dean


Doc. Jana Palkovská, Head of Department – Music Education Department


His Eminence, Archbishop Michal of Prague

Orthodox Church of the Czech Lands and Slovakia

First Session

  • Gregorios Anastasiou & Polykarpos Polykarpides
    A short study on the compositions of the ‘mathema’ Anothen oi prophetai, from the “golden age” of kalophonia (14th -15th centuries) as food for thought on the concepts of eponymity, tradition and innovation in Byzantine Music

  • Athanasios Delios
    Χριστοῦ τὸν ἱεράρχην: the course of the sticheron from the old (non kalophonic) to the kalophonic melos


Second Session

  • Study Group for Byzantine Musical Palaeography from the School of Music Studies of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki
    'Traditional innovation’ in Byzantine Chant: the case of kalophonia

  • Dimitris Balageorgos
    The Cretan psaltic tradition of 16th - 17th century: a radical and prototype melopoiea of the Great Doxology

  • Mena Mark Hanna
    Coptic Chant: Questions of Consistency and Constancy in an Oral Tradition

Third Session

  • Jopi Harri
    How were stichera sung in Valaam?

  • Victoria Legkikh
    Services to St Daniel of Moscow: Tradition and a new way of creation

  • Mária Prokipčáková
    Irmologia - an innovative means of the transmission of liturgical music in the Carpathian area

  • Ionuț Gabriel Nastasă
    Tradition and innovation in Romanian Orthodox chant - "Our Father"

19:30 Concert
Ars Nova East and West
A dialogue between works by the main representative composers of Ars Nova in the East and West – Guillaume de Machaut, St John Koukouzelis and others.


Ensemble Polyfonion, artistic director Igor Angelov
Philokallia ensemble (female voices), artistic director Marios Christou
Soloist: Protopsaltis Grigoris Anastasiou


The concert will also present premieres of works by contemporary composers Alkis Baltas and Ivan Moody


Church of Ss. Cyril and Methodius, Resslova 9a, Prague 2

Saturday 15th October

Fourth Session

  • Marina Luptáková
    Tradition and Traditions in Iconography

  • Christopher Ashbaugh
    Joy, Catharsis, and (Eu)Catastrophe

  • Sara Peno and Zdravko Peno
    Church Music between Tradition and Innovation: A Study in Canon and Creativity

  • Marios Christou
    A Newly discovered manuscript of Bohuslav Martinů on the Byzantine Octoechos


Fifth Session

  • Vasileios Salteris
    Innovation within the Sticherarion during the post-Byzantine era: The contribution of George Prasinos

  • Flora Kritikou
    The compositions entitled “dysikon” (Western) and “fragikon” (Frankish): a working hypothesis on potential convergence points of two different traditions

  • Michael Stroumpakis
    The Heirmos of the Ninth Ode instead of Axion estin: A new (?) kind of composition during the 19th century.

  • Thomas Apostolopoulos
    The theory of musical intervals in the era of the Byzantine maistores


Sixth Session

  • Ivan Moody
    New art and renewed art

  • Alexandre Damnianovitch
    The composition Nativity by Alexandre Damnianovicvh

  • Bogdan Djaković
    The cotrelation of Western and Eastern elements in Serbian Church Choral Music of the first half of the 20th century

  • Predrag Djoković
    Hints of the instrumental music in some sticheras of Serbian Church Chant

19:00 Reception

Sunday 16th October 

9.30 Divine Liturgy

Seventh Session

  • Khatuna Managadze
    St Andrew of Crete’s Canon of Repentance and Georgian mediaeval aesthetics and philosophy

  • Tamar Ckheidze
    Florid chanting in Georgian liturgical tradition and some parallels with Byzantine Kalophonic style

  • Eka Chabashvili
    Different aspects of chants by contemporary Georgian composers as revealed through variations in performance

  • Maka Virsaladze
    Nodar Mamisashvili's Passion as an example of mixing old and new elements in 20th -Century Georgian sacred music

Eighth Session

  • Sevi Mazera
    Φως ιλαρόν: an early Christian hymn of the 4th century A.D. Various compositions to the text through the history of ecclesiastical chant and the new composition by Prof. Gregorios Stathis.

  • Irina Gerasimova
    Transmission and adaptation of the Greek Cherubic Hymn in the ecclesiastical chanting practice of the Kievan Metropolia and the Moscow Patriarchate at the end of the 17th – beginning of the 18th centuries

  • Eugene Kindler
    Chant of chords, organized as homophony

  • Haig Utidjian
    Two documentary witnesses to interactions between the Armenian and Greek Orthodox Sacred Musical traditions: an Armenian contrafactum, and a through-composed Paschal Introit

16:00 Exhibition: The Art of the Armenian Book Through the Ages


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