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The Third International Conference on Orthodox Church Music

“Church, State and Nation in

Orthodox Church Music”

Joensuu, Finland / 8-14 June 2009

2009 Conference

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The Third International Conference on Orthodox Church Music was held at the University of Eastern Finland, School of Theology, Agora AT100, Yliopistokatu 4, Joensuu

Monday 8th June 

Opening Ceremony and Welcome Addresses

Welcome presented by:
Maria Takala-Roszczenko, Secretary, ISOCM

Opening of the Conference:

Ivan Moody, Chairman, ISOCM

Book Launch

Composing and Chanting in the Orthodox Church.

Proceedings of the Second International Conference, June 2007


First Session

  • Serafim Seppälä (Finland): 
    Music in the Temple of Jerusalem during the time of the Apostles

  • Hilkka Seppälä (Finland): 
    St Cecilia (Kikilia): A musical martyr in the Eastern and Western traditions


Second Session

  • Julia Artamonova (Russia): 
    Hilandar Obikhod: archaic style of new tunes

  • Natalia Ramazanova (Russia): 
    Idei Moskovskoy gosudarsvennosti v cerkovnom penii 16 veka

17.00 Vespers, Church of St John the Theologian, Orthodox Seminary

19.00 Reception 

Tuesday 9th June

Third Session

  • Maria Takala-Roszczenko (Finland): 
    The “Latin” within the “Greek”: the feast of Corpus Christi in the 17th -  18th century Ruthenian practice

  • Daniel Galadza (Canada): 
    Sacred choral performance and chant in Galicia (present day Ukraine) 1900-1944

  • Marcin Abijski (Poland): 
    The Revival of the Singing Tradition in the Suprasl Monastery of the Annunciation on the basis the Suprasl Irmologion (1598-1601).  Analyzing of the Byzantine aspects in the Irmologion


Fourth Session

  • Svetlana Kujumdzieva (Bulgaria): 
    Studying the Oktoechos: From the Octoechos to the Anastasimatarion

  • Svetlana Poliakova (Portugal):
    A Russian Triodion set of the 12th century: some liturgical aspects


Fifth Session

  • Emilia Ismael (Mexico): 
    Report on the Russian Orthodox Church in Mexico and its Current Musical Practice (in absentia)

  • Melitina Makarovskaya (Russia):
    Izuchenie lokal’nyh bogosluzhebno-pevcheskih tradiciy staroveriya

17.00 Vespers

19.00 Reception

Wednesday 10th June

Sixth Session

  • Zhanna Borovova (Russia):
    Bogosluzhebno-pevcheskaya kul’tura staroobryadcev-pomorcev Pribaltiyskogo regiona

  • Gabriela Ocneanu (Romania):
    Title to be announced later (in absentia)

  • Jopi Harri (Finland):
    On the polyphonic chant of Valaam Monastery


Seventh Session

  • Costin Moisil (Romania): 
    The Making of Romanian National Church Music (1859-1914)

  • Ivan Moody (UK/Portugal): 
    Tradition and Creation in Bulgarian Orthodox Church Music: The Work of Petar Dinev


Eighth Session

  • Vera Carina (Serbia): 
    The Pancevo Singing Society as part of Serbian Culture

  • Ardian Ahmedaja (Austria): 
    Religious Folk Songs as Expression of Cultural Individuality

16.00 Annual meeting of the ISOCM

19.00 Reception 

Thursday 11th June

Ninth Session

  • Nina Zakhar’ina (Russia): 
    The investigation of Russian liturgical chant books in the 17th – 21st century

  • Galina Alekseeva (Russia): 
    The Earthly and the Divine in the Soglasnik from the Russian singing alphabet of 17th century, Library of Russian Academy of Science 32.16.18




Tenth Session

  • Albina Kruchinina (Russia): 
    Cerkovno-pevcheskoe iskusstvo v epohu patriarha Nikona. Mify i real’nost’

  • Irina Gerasimova (Russia): 
    The 17th century choral concert ‘Vozshel esi vo cerkov’ by Mikolai Dilecki: tracing the origin and early use (in absentia)


Eleventh Session

  • Jaakko Olkinuora (Finland): 
    Archbishop Paul and the Quest for Finnish Orthodox Chant Tradition

  • Bogdan Djakovic (Serbia): 
    Rediscovering a Serbian national style: problems in sacred architecture, church art and church music in the late 1930s: the case of the Orthodox choral music of Milenko Zivkovic

17.00 Vespers - Church of St. John the Theologian - Orthodox Seminary

19.00 Reception hosted by the City of Joensuu

Friday 12th June
08.00 Divine Liturgy - Church of St. John the Theologian - Orthodox Seminary

Twelfth Session

  • Rachel Foulds (UK): 
    Spiritual Independence or a Cultural Norm? Galina Ustvolskaya and the Znamenny raspev

  • Inge Kreuz (Germany): 
    The Anabathmoi in Old Russian Manuscripts and in the Tradition of the Old Believers


Thirteenth Session

  • Sergei Starostenkov, Alexander Davydov (Russia), Veikko Purmonen (Finland): 
    Bells of the Uspensky Cathedral

  • Caitlin Beck (USA): 
    The use of Orthodox church music in the Anglican and Episcopal churches in North America


Fourteenth Session

  • Petri Nykänen (Finland):
    Title to be announced later

  • Alla Generalow (USA): 
    ‘Finding Asparagus at Christmas’: Nationhood and Russian Identity in the Performance Practice History of Rachmaninoff’s All-night Vigil, Op. 37

17.00 Vespers

Saturday 13th June 

Excursion to Ilomantsi

Vespers at the Prophet Elijah Church, Ilomantsi

19.30 Departure to Joensuu

Sunday 14th June

10.00 Divine Liturgy: Church of St Nicholas, Orthodox Parish of Joensuu


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