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The Sixth International Conference on Orthodox Church Music

“Creating Liturgically: Hymnography and Music”

Joensuu, Finland / 8-14 June 2015 

Conference Schedule

The Sixth International Conference on Orthodox Church Music was held at the University of Eastern Finland, School of Theology, Agora AT100, Yliopistokatu 4, Joensuu

Monday 8th June 

Opening Ceremony and Welcome Addresses

Welcome presented by:
Maria Takala-Roszczenko, Church Music, University of Eastern Finland

Greetings from:

His Eminence, Metropolitan Elia of Oulu, Orthodox Church of Finland

Jaakko Puhakka, Academic Rector, University of Eastern Finland

Opening of the Conference:

Ivan Moody, Chairman, ISOCM

Book Launch
Church Music and Icons: Windows to Heaven.

Proceedings of the Fifth International Conference, June 2013


First Session

  • Mary Cunningham (United Kingdom): Dialogue in Byzantine Homilies and Hymns: The Human Encounter with Divine Truth

  • Ivan Moody (Portugal): Liturgy and Cubism

  • Alexander Lingas (United Kingdom): Hymnography with(out) Music as Scripture and Prayer


Second Session

  • Kurt Sander (USA): Words Matter:  Language Identity and the Orthodox Composer

  • Gregory Tucker (USA): Examples of Intertextuality in Byzantine Hymnography, or How the Liturgy Creates a World

  • Richard Barrett (USA):  The Psalm 103 Project: A Collaborative Orthodox Composition in Progress

  • Christopher Ashbaugh (USA): Liturgy as Looking-glass: a Modern Evangelical Pilgrimage

18.00 Vespers, Church of St John the Theologian, Orthodox Seminary

19.00 Reception hosted by the Orthodox Church of Finland

Tuesday 9th June

Third Session

  • Victoria Legkikh (Germany): To a question about the heritage of Michael, a 16th-century hymnographer

  • Simon Marincak (Slovakia): Transmission of Byzantine Melodies into Slavic World from Selected Sources

  • Jopi Harri (Finland): Revising the Historiography of Church Music, or Myths and How to Debunk Them

  • Hilkka Seppälä (Sweden): The Union of Word and Image in Orthodox Liturgical Tradition




Fourth Session

  • Martin Nygaard Hansen-Chernetskiy (Sweden): Canon in Context: Aspects of the Hymnographic Tradition in Russia

  • Tuuli Lukkala (Finland): Adapting Znamenny chant to other languages – rules, methods, and experiences

  • Vladimir Morosan (USA): A Collaborative Open-Source Database of Znamenny Chant Formulae


Fifth Session

  • Dimitris Balageorgos: Music and words from the liturgical tradition of Jerusalem

  • Flora Kritikou (Greece): The challenge of writing new poetry and music: the case of Manuel Chrysaphes new stichera idiomela

  • Meri Kumbe (Albania/Greece): The Role of Interpreter in the Enrichment and Communication of Psaltic Art’s Tradition. The Case of Albania.

16.30 Workshop – Byzantine Chant, Achilleas Chaldaiakis

19.00 Concert – Estonian Philharmonic Chamber Choir, Lutheran Church of Joensuu

Wednesday 10th June

Sixth Session

  • John Reves (Austria): In You O Full of Grace all Creations Rejoices: the Frescoes of the Studite Lavra of the Dormition of the Theotokos at Univ as a Synthesis of Image and Hymnography in Interwar Galicia

  • Hieromonk Mikael (Finland): Sophrony Sakharov's Liturgical Prayers - Re-expressing the Liturgical Experience

  • Maria Takala-Roszczenko (Finland): The Italo-Byzantine roots of the Ruthenian hymnography for the feast of the Holy Eucharist

  • Alexandru Ionita (Romania): Old Wine in New Wineskins: Romans 9-11 as Potential Biblical Source for the Holy Week Services




Seventh Session

  • Natalia Plotnikova (Russia):Рукописные редакции концертов Н. Дилецкого: вопросы авторской атрибуции [Manuscript redactions of N. Diletskiy’s concerts: questions of authorship]

  • Irina Gerasimova (Russia): "Иезуитская" Херувимская в древнерусских рукописях конца XVII в.: пути трансмиссии и адаптации. [The “Jesuit” Cherubic Hymn in Old Russian manuscripts from late 17th century: ways of transmission and adaptation]

  • Daniel Galadza (Canada/Austria): Johann von Gardner's Arrangements of Western Ukrainian Chants (short presentation)


15.00 Workshop - Byzantine Chant, Achilleas Chaldaiakis

Eighth Session

  • Marios Christou (Czech Republic): Development and motivic elaboration in the third mode Kratema of st. John Koukouzelis - A western form?

  • Giuseppe Sanfratello (Italy/Denmark): Creative performance in the liturgy: a formulaic melodic language in the Sicilian-Albanian chant tradition

18.00 Concert – Romanian Chant, Church of St John the Theologian, Orthodox Seminary

19.00 Reception hosted by the Regional Council of North Karelia

Thursday 11th June

Ninth Session

  • Svetlana Kujumdzieva (Bulgaria): The Rila Musical Manuscripts: A Tool for Reconstruction of Music History

  • Costin Moisil (Romania): Expecting the Unexpected. Tailoring Chants for the Liturgy of the Faithful

  • Maria Matsushima (Japan): A short history of Japanese Orthodox Church music. St. Nikolai’s mission and congregational singing

  • Fr Jerotej, Kovilj Monastery (Serbia): Byzantine church music in Serbia at the turn of the 21st century based on the experience of the monastic community of Kovilj monastery – reawakening, development, problems, reception, contemporaneity and perspective




Tenth Session

  • Milorad Marinkovic (Serbia): The Divine Liturgy as a form-creating principle of new vocal concert music

  • Sydney Freedman (Ireland): ‘Every Word is to Glorify Christ’: Liturgical Creation in Svan Religious Folk Song

  • Andrew Mellas (Australia): Feeling Liturgically: Hymnography and Compunction


Eleventh Session

  • Alexey Gudkov (Russia): Гимнографические сочинения в творчестве городецкого каллиграфа и художника Ивана Блинова (1872–1944) [Hymnographical works of Ivan Blinov (1872–1944), a calligrapher and artist from Gorodets]

  • Ionut-Gabriel Nastasa (Romania): Byzantine music in the recent period of Moldavia (twentieth century)


16.15 Workshop – Byzantine Chant, Achilleas Chaldaiakis


18.00 Vespers - Church of St. John the Theologian - Orthodox Seminary


19.00 Reception hosted by the City of Joensuu


Friday 12th June 
Twelfth Session

  • Jaakko Olkinuora (Finland): Deciphering the theological dimensions of musical and poetic intertextuality in Byzantine hymnography: the case of the great feasts of the Theotokos

  • Constantin Gordon (Romania): Creating hymnography in today's Romania. The office of Saint Constantin Brancoveanu

  • Emmanouil Doundoulakis (Greece): Unknown contemporary Cretan hymnographers and their unpublished hymns




Thirteenth Session

  • Nicolae Gheorghita (Romania): Between Russia and Byzantium: Liturgical musical practices in the Principality of Moldavia in eighteenth century and the first half of the nineteenth century

  • Maria Rizzuto (Italy): The Coptic Liturgical Chant in Italy: Traditional Hymnography and Linguistic Innovation in Rome

  • Bogdan Djakovic (Serbia): The treasury of Serbian Chant through the experience of the late bishop Sava Vuković (1930-2001)


Fourteenth Session

  • Djuro Živković (Serbia): The Tradition of the Philokalia as compositional inspiration

  • Marko Mäkinen (Finland): Path of Creating Akathist: “Rejoice, Holy Mother Maria, Martyr of Ravensbrück”


16.30 Annual meeting of ISOCM

Saturday 13th June 

Excursion to Kuopio
9.15 Departure (Hotel GreenStar)

11.30 Lunch

13.00 RIISA – Orthodox Church Museum

15–17 Free time

17.00 Puijo Tower

19.30 Departure to Joensuu

Sunday 14th June

10.00 Divine Liturgy: Church of St Nicholas, Orthodox Parish of Joensuu


Papers Presented In Abstenia:

Alexandru Prelipcean (Romania): The image of Moses in the kontakia of Romanos the Melodist. Short remarks

Galina Alexeeva (Russia): Methodological bases of the Adaptation processes of the Orthodox singing culture between different cultures

Denis Gordeev (Russia): Символическая связь богородичнов Октоиха с пророческим и праотеческим рядами иконостаса [The symbolic connection between the Oktoechos Theotokia and the rows of prophets and forefathers in the iconostasis]

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Travel Essay by R. Barrett

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Conference Photos
Celebrating Ten Years

A commemorative video produced on the 10th anniversary of the ISOCM.

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