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ISOCM Publication Sale

ISOCM Christmas Sale is open at our webshop until 31 December!

Order for 35€ or more to get free shipping!

At checkout, enter the promo code: December 2021 Sale (Code available only once per customer)Orders are shipped from Finland / USA.

Volumes available:

  • The Traditions of Orthodox Music (1st ISOCM Conference Proceedings)

  • Composing and Chanting in the Orthodox Church (2nd Proceedings)

  • Church, State and Nation in Orthodox Church Music (3rd Proceedings)

  • Unity and Variety in Orthodox Music: Theory and Practice (4th Proceedings)

  • Church Music and Icons: Windows to Heaven (5th Proceedings)

  • Creating Liturgically: Hymnography and Music (6th Proceedings)

  • Liturgy and Music (7th Proceedings)

  • Ivan Moody, Modernism and Orthodox Spirituality in Contemporary Music

  • Prayer, Music, and Joy: Celebrating the Life and Legacy of the Archpriest Sergei Glagolev


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