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Annual Meeting of ISOCM 2021

You are invited to the Annual Meeting of ISOCM which will take place on 10 June 2021, at 5.30 p.m. (time zone: EEST (UTC+3)), at the School of Theology, Philosophical Faculty, University of Eastern Finland, Joensuu.

It is possible to attend the meeting both in Joensuu and online. All members wishing to attend the meeting must register by 9 June 2021, 5.30 p.m. (EEST) by sending an e-mail to

The meeting will discuss the Society's annual report, accounts, budget, plan of action, and possible other matters.

The meeting will also elect a chairperson for a term of four years (2021–2025) and four members of the Board for a term of two years (2021–2023).

Fr Ivan Moody

Chairman, ISOCM


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