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Schedule for Prague Conference Finalized

October 1, 2016

The schedule for the ISOCM's Ars Nova East and West conference which will be held in Prague, 14 – 16 October 2016 has been announced and is now available.



All events of the conference will take place at the Charles University in Prague.


Friday, 14th October 
10:00 Opening ceremony


Opening addresses
Very Rev. Dr Ivan Moody, Chairman of ISOCM

prof. PaedDr. Michal Nedělka, Dr, Dean

Doc. Jana Palkovská, Head of Department – Music Education Department

His Eminence, Archbishop Michal of Prague


11:00. First Session 
Gregorios Anastasiou & Polykarpos Polykarpides
A short study on the compositions of the ‘mathema’ Anothen oi prophetai, from the “golden age” of kalophonia (14th -15th centuries) as food for thought on the concepts of eponymity, tradition and innovation in Byzantine Music


Athanasios Delios 
Χριστοῦ τὸν ἱεράρχην: the course of the sticheron from the old (non kalophonic) to the kalophonic melos 



13:00 Second Session 
Study Group for Byzantine Musical Palaeography from the School of Music Studies of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki

'Traditional innovation’ in Byzantine Chant: the case of kalophonia 


Dimitris Balageorgos
The Cretan psaltic tradition of 16th - 17th century: a radical and prototype melopoiea of the Great Doxology


Mena Mark Hanna
Coptic Chant: Questions of Consistency and Constancy in an Oral Tradition 



15:30 Third session 

Jopi Harri
How were stichera sung in Valaam?


Victoria Legkikh
Services to St Daniel of Moscow: Tradition and a new way of creation


Mária Prokipčáková
Irmologia - an innovative means of the transmission of liturgical music in the 
Carpathian area 


Ionuț Gabriel Nastasă
Tradition and innovation in Romanian Orthodox chant - "Our Father" 


19:30 Concert 
Ars Nova East and West 
A dialogue between works by the main representative composers of Ars Nova in the East and West – Guillaume de Machaut, St John Koukouzelis and others.

Ensemble Polyfonion, artistic director Igor Angelov
Philokallia ensemble (female voices), artistic director Marios Christou
Soloist: Protopsaltis Grigoris Anastasiou


The concert will also present premieres of works by contemporary composers Alkis Baltas and Ivan Moody


Church of Ss. Cyril and Methodius, Resslova 9a, Prague 2 


Saturday, 15th October 
9:30 Fourth Session 


Marina Luptáková
Tradition and Traditions in Iconography 


Christopher Ashbaugh
Joy, Catharsis, and (Eu)Catastrophe


Sara Peno and Zdravko Peno
Church Music between Tradition and Innovation: A Study in Canon and Creativity 


Marios Christou
A Newly discovered manuscript of Bohuslav Martinů on the Byzantine Octoechos




13:00 Fifth Session 

Vasileios Salteris
Innovation within the Sticherarion during the post-Byzantine era: The contribution of George Prasinos 


Flora Kritikou
The compositions entitled “dysikon” (Western) and “fragikon” (Frankish): a working hypothesis on potential convergence points of two different traditions


Michael Stroumpakis
The Heirmos of the Ninth Ode instead of Axion estin: A new (?) kind of composition during the 19th century.


Thomas Apostolopoulos
The theory of musical intervals in the era of the Byzantine maistores 




15:30 Sixth session 

Ivan Moody
New art and renewed art 


Alexandre Damnianovitch
The composition Nativity by Alexandre Damnianovicvh


Bogdan Djaković
The cotrelation of Western and Eastern elements in Serbian Church Choral Music 
of the first half of the 20th century


Predrag Djoković
Hints of the instrumental music in some sticheras of Serbian Church Chant 


Sunday, 16th October

9:30 Divine Liturgy


11:30 Reception


13:00 seventh Session 

Khatuna Managadze
St Andrew of Crete’s Canon of Repentance and Georgian mediaeval aesthetics and philosophy 


Tamar Ckheidze
Florid chanting in Georgian liturgical tradition and some parallels with Byzantine Kalophonic style 


Eka Chabashvili
Different aspects of chants by contemporary Georgian composers as revealed through variations in performance 


Maka Virsaladze
Nodar Mamisashvili's Passion as an example of mixing old and new elements in 
20th-Century Georgian sacred music 




15:30 Eighth session 

Sevi Mazera 
Φως ιλαρόν: an early Christian hymn of the 4th century A.D. Various compositions to the text through the history of ecclesiastical chant and the new composition by Prof. Gregorios Stathis. 


Irina Gerasimova
Transmission and adaptation of the Greek Cherubic Hymn in the ecclesiastical chanting practice of the Kievan Metropolia and the Moscow Patriarchate at the end of the 17th – beginning of the 18th centuries


Eugene Kindler
Chant of chords, organized as homophony


Haig Utidjian
Two documentary witnesses to interactions between the Armenian and Greek Orthodox Sacred Musical traditions: an Armenian contrafactum, and a through-composed Paschal Introit


18:00 Exhibition




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