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Seventh International Conference Call For Papers Announced

Joensuu, Finland - The International Society for Orthodox Church Music is pleased to announce the call for papers for the Seventh International Conference on Orthodox Church Music, with the theme "Liturgy and Music," which will be held at the University of Eastern Finland, in Joensuu, Finland, on 6 - 11 June 2017.

“For this conference, marking the eleventh year of the Society's existence, we have deliberately chosen an extremely broad theme, which allows a huge variety of approaches from singers, composers, musicologists and others working in related disciplines," said Father Ivan Moody, Chairman of the Society.

"We hope not only that those who have attended past conferences will return, but that we will have the pleasure of meeting many new people, and to continue the tradition of a truly multinational gathering that is fulfilling not only intellectually and spiritually, but socially.”

The conference theme provides an opportunity for papers on a variety of topics and areas of research or experience, which include but are not limited to:

  1. How does music work within the context of liturgy? Liturgy and music as part of a Gesamtkunstwerk.

  2. Is there an essential difference between liturgical and non-liturgical music?

  3. What happens when liturgical music is performed outside the liturgical context?

  4. How does liturgy define the dimensions and form of liturgical music? Are there fixed boundaries, and if so, what happens when they are crossed?

  5. Music for liturgical rites and services no longer in use.

  6. Ethnomusicological approaches to music in liturgy.

  7. Case studies of liturgical traditions in particular places.

  8. Case studies of composers and their work for the liturgy.

The programme also allows for free papers, and welcomes suggestions for panel sessions.

The Conference will take place at the School of Theology at the University of Eastern Finland. The programme will include a workshop of Znamenny church chant, a concert of Orthodox church music, and an excursion to local places of interest.

Registration On-line registration is available here. It is also possible to sign up via e-mail by writing to the ISOCM Secretary Maria Takala-Roszczenko ( The deadline to is 17 January 2017. Registration payment must be made by 30 April 2017.

Submitting a paper The call for papers is now closed.

The language of the conference will be English.

Non-English papers Translation into English will be provided for papers presented in Russian or Greek, but this must be organized with the Secretary well beforehand.

The complete text of non-English papers should be delivered in their entirety to the organizers no later than 31 March 2017 for translation.

Workshop The Conference will include a workshop of Znamenny chant. It is open to conference participants and those who would like to register for the event.

Participation Fee The participation fee for the Conference has different categories:

  • Full package Includes the programme, workshop, meals, accommodation, receptions, excursion: Registered members of the ISOCM - 250 € Non-members of the ISOCM - 400 €

  • Partial package Includes the programme, workshop, receptions, excursion, but no accommodation or meals: Registered members of the ISOCM - 75 € Non-members of the ISOCM - 100 €

Discounts will be available for low budget/student participants. Further information is available from the organizers.

Registration payments must be made by 30 April 2017.

Additional information Please contact:

Maria Takala-Roszczenko, ISOCM Secretary: (

The web page of the School of Theology at the University of Eastern Finland is available at:

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