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Greetings of His Eminence, Leo Archbishop of Karelia and All Finland

Speech at the Reception of the Third International Conference on Orthodox Church Music, Joensuu, Finland

June 8, 2009

Dear fathers, brothers and sisters in Christ:

On behalf of the Orthodox Church of Finland I would like to express my gratitude for this occasion to be together with you friends from different orthodox churches. I am personally very glad that we are able to gather together for this third International Conference on Orthodox Church Music here in Joensuu.

The topic chosen for this conference is from my point of view both important and interesting. I hope that during these days you are able to share ideas and listen invited speakers sharing their experiences on “Church, State and Nation in Orthodox Church Music.”

The mission of The International Society for Orthodox Church Music with activities throughout the world is very important. The Society works already with world-wide collaborations improving and developing our musical inheritance. I would like to say that somehow the Society is something what the whole orthodox church should be: multicultural, transparent and dynamic.

On this occasion I would like to underline the importance of encouraging young people to step into the inspiration of the orthodox choral world. Of course each country and culture has its own specific challenges and advantages. Our common goal is to think, how our musical tradition is given for the next generation. I believe that we must analyze this topic also in order to be credible in our work. The participation of the young people is the cornerstone of the orthodox choral world in the future.

Dear Friends! During these days you are able to share ideas and gain inspiration. With music you have always the possibility to reach into another level what was formerly unimaginable.

Let us be open when we, together, form our dreams and wishes for the future of our orthodox church music.

Again, welcome and enjoy this evening!

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