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The Eighth International Conference on Orthodox Church Music

“The Sounds of the Holy: From Manuscript to Performance”

Joensuu, Finland / 10-16 June 2019

Programme of the Conference

The Eighth International Conference on Orthodox Church Music will be held at the University of Eastern Finland, School of Theology, Agora AT100, Yliopistokatu 4, Joensuu


Welcome to Joensuu!


Practical information about the conference (pdf)

Changes to the programme are possible! Last updated 14 June 2019.

Abstract Book (pdf)

Monday 10 June


8.30 Registration

9.15 Refreshments

9.30 Opening Ceremony

Welcome Addresses

Maria Takala-Roszczenko, Assistant Professor of Church Music, UEF
Jopi Nyman, Vice-Dean of the Philosophical Faculty, UEF
Very Rev. Ivan Moody, Chairman of ISOCM

Book Launches

Liturgy and Music. Proceedings of the Seventh International Conference on Orthodox Church
Music, 6–11 June 2017, University of Eastern Finland


Hilkka Seppälä: Ortodoksisen kirkkolaulun teologia. Suomen bysanttilaisen musiikin seura 2018

10.15 First Session: Variety in Tradition

  • Jopi Harri:

    Contemporary Practices of Church Singing at the Valaam Monastery in Heinävesi

  • Ionuț-Gabriel Nastasă:

    Ecclesiastical Chant of the Romanian Tradition: The Irmologion

  • Ivan Moody:

    Palestrina in Serbia

11.45 Opening of the Poster Exhibition


13.30 Second Session: Echoes of the Past

  • Alexander Khalil:
    Echoes of Jerusalem: the psaltic art in diaspora

  • John Michael Boyer:
    Lycourgos Angelopoulos (+2014)

  • Gerasimos-Sofoklis Papadopoulos and Polykarpos Polykarpidis:
    Elements in the development of how the Great Doxologies were sung from the 18th to the 19th century


15.00 Workshop I: The Russian Baroque

Early Music Ensemble Uzorika from Moscow, Russia


18.00 Concert: Echoes of the Ancient. Early Music Ensemble Uzorika from Moscow, Russia (Joensuu Church, Papinkatu 1B)

Free evening

Tuesday 11 June

9.30 Workshop II: The Russian Baroque

Early Music Ensemble Uzorika from Moscow, Russia


12.00 Third Session: Tradition and Transmission I

  • Flora Kritikou:
    The notation of the Asmatikon: New evidence from a Sinai fragment

  • Irina Starikova:
    Melismatic chant in the Byzantine tradition: A comparative analysis of Old-Russian and Byzantine melismatic formulas (‘фиты’ and ‘θεματισμος’)

  • Irina Gerasimova:
    Choral concerts by Mikola Dylecki: Ways of attribution

  • Tuuli Lukkala:
    The soundscape of Orthodox worship and participants’ experiences – reflections on methodology and research ethics


14.30 Fourth Session: Performance and the Sensorium

  • Andrew Mellas & Andrew Psarommatis:
    “A Taste of what Desire Seeks”: Sensing the Holy in Liturgical Life

  • Fr Damaskinos (Olkinuora):
    Ontology of performance in liturgical rubrics?

  • Svetlana Kujumdzieva:
    Little Known Indications on Musical Performance from the 15th Century and Their Historical Context

  • Panteleimon Zafiris:
    The role of the sensorium within the liturgical tradition of Mount Athos through the overnight vigil

17.00 Vespers (Church of St John the Theologian, Torikatu 41)

18.30 Reception (Joensuu City Hall, Rantakatu 20)

Wednesday 12 June

09.30 Fifth Session: Functions of Sacred Music I

  • Serafim Seppälä:
    The structure of the Byzantine liturgy in Angelopoulos’s Megalexandros

  • Marios Christou:
    Electronic Orthodox Music? The case of the “Hesychastic concerts” of the Archaion Kallos festival

  • Jenni Hakkarainen: Spiritual Songs in the Finnish Orthodox Church in the 1920s–30s


12.00 Sixth Session: Tradition and Transmission II

  • Sergejus Temčinas:
    The Greek General Menaion and the origins of its texts

  • Nina-Maria Wanek:
    “Tropus Grece”: The Use of Greek-Texted Ordinary Chants in 10th-11th-Century Manuscripts from St Gall and Limoges

  • Victoria Legkikh:
    The service for all new Russian saints. Performance through associations

  • Ardian Ahmedaja:
    Performing the Sounds of the Holy in the contemporary musical practice in Orthodox churches in Albania


15.00 Workshop III: The Russian Baroque

17.00 Vespers (Church of St John the Theologian, Torikatu 41)

18.00 Reception (Orthodox seminary, Torikatu 41)

Thursday 13 June

07.30 Divine Liturgy (Church of St John the Theologian, Torikatu 41)

10.00 Seventh Session: Sounds in Writing

  • Nikita Simmons:
    The Current Status of Research on the Russian “New Notations”: An Overview of Demestvenny and Put Chants and Notations

  • Vasileios Salteris:
    From performance to manuscript: exploring interpretation through written tradition

  • Michalis Stroumpakis:
    The “Neon Leimonarion” composed by the Chiote protopsaltes of the 19th century Ioannis Kavadas. A case of an unknown composition, looking for its performance


12.30 Eighth Session: Prayer, Sound, Space, Image

  • Robin J. Freeman: “With one voice and one heart”: choral singing as embodied ecclesiology

  • Konstantinos Charil Karagounis:
    Greek Orthodox Psaltic Art: Performance and/or Prayer?

  • Marina Egorova and Albina Kruchinina: Image – Space – Action: The chant to Peter the Metropolitan of Moscow in the liturgical rite of venerating the saint's tomb

  • Galina Alekseeva:
    The sacred space of the Temple in the text and singing formulas of hymns: the importance of understanding for performing practice


15.00 Ninth Session: Functions of Sacred Music II

  • Brian A. Butcher:
    Liturgical Singing as a Source and Criterion for Philosophical Aesthetics

  • Costis Drygianakis: Musical Text and Church Chanting: Some observations on their relationship in 20th century Greece

  • Maria Rizzuto:
    “Concerto narrato”: a dialogical way to communicate with a city through liturgical chant


17.00 Annual Meeting of the ISOCM

Free evening

Friday 14 June

10.00 Tenth Session: Renewal and Continuation

  • Ekaterina Antonenko:
    The turn from Baroque to galant style in Russian church music

  • Maria Takala-Roszczenko:
    The Use of Instruments in Orthodox Church Music: Discourses and Practices in Early 20th Century Finland, Estonia, and Russia

  • Margarita Moisejeva:
    Specific Orthodox Liturgical Chant Traditions and Its Development in Lithuania Today


12.30 Eleventh Session: Memories and Monuments of Sacred Music

  • Bogdan Djaković:
    Contemporary Audio Editions of Orthodox Sacred Music as an indicator of the current state of the genre in Serbia: the case of Church Singing Societies, Studio Choirs, Vocal Ensembles and Popular Chanters

  • Robert Galbraith:
    Historical Performance Norms and Russian Sacred Music

  • Spyridon Antonopoulos: From Manuscript to Performance: The Cultural Politics of Reviving Medieval Byzantine Chant


14.30 Twelfth Session: The Contemporary and the Future

  • Chad Houk:
    How Heavenly Worship is Localized in the Congregational Music of St. Andrew Orthodox Church

  • Costin Moisil:
    The failures of a 22nd-century historical musicologist

  • Richard Barrett:
    The Digital Chant Stand and the Electronic Manuscript / The Psalm 103 Project Status Report: Getting a Collaborative Orthodox Music Project Off the Page and Into an Audience’s Ears

17.00 Vespers (Church of St John the Theologian, Torikatu 41)

Saturday 15 June

Excursion to the Monasteries of Lintula and Valamo (Heinävesi)

9.30 Departure from Joensuu (Hotel GreenStar, Torikatu 16)
10.45 Memorial service in the monastery of Lintula

          Introduction to the monastery

          Free time

12.00 Coffee

12.45 Departure from Lintula

13.15 Guided tour in the monastery of Valamo

14.15 Lunch

15.00 Introduction to the library and the archive of the monastery

          Free time

18.00 Vespers

c. 19.00 Departure from Valamo
c. 20.00 Arrival in Joensuu

Sunday 16 June

10.00 Divine Liturgy (Church of St Nicholas, Orthodox Parish of Joensuu, Kirkkokatu 32)


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