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Church Music and Icons: Windows to Heaven

Proceedings of the Fifth International Conference on Orthodox Church Music
University of Joensuu, Finland - 3-9 June 2013

Table of Contents

Mary of Egypt as Opera and Icon
By Ivan Moody

Liturgical Music of the Eparchy in Mukacevo - References in the Oldest Written Witnesses
By Simon Marincak

Diagrams and “Kanonia” as Visual Representations of Musical Instruments in the Theory of Psaltic Art
By Thomas Apostolopoulos

The Trezvony to Icons of The Mother of God in Partes Polyphony
By Natalia Plotnikova

Beyond Style as a Criterion of Orthodoxy: Orthodox Iconatrophy in the Writings of Florensky, Ouspensky, and Kontoglou, and Suggestions for a New Orthodox Iconology
By Evan Freeman

Poetic and Musical Imagery in Kalophonic Heirmoi to the Theotokos
By Grammenos Karanos

ISSN: 1796-9581
ISBN: 978-952-99883-5-8

The Proceedings of the Fifth International Conference on Orthodox Church Music at the University of Joensuu includes 38 papers given by musicians and scholars from fifteen different countries. The volume is the fifth publication from the International Society for Orthodox Church Music.


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