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Composition and Chanting in the Orthodox Church

Proceedings of the Second International Conference on Orthodox Church Music
University of Joensuu, Finland - 4-10 June 2007


Table of Contents

O dvukh tipakh sluzhb russkim prepodobnym svyatym
by Albina Kruchinina

The Byzantine Chant in the Romanian Principalities during the Phanariotic Period
by Nicolae Gheorghita

Byzantine Chant in Arbërëshe churches
by Ardian Ahmedaja

The Adaptation of Byzantine Chant into Finnish
by Jaakko Olkinuora

Vocal techniques of Russian Old-Believer Singing
by Nikita Simmons

The Liturgical Typikon as a Source for Medieval Chanting Practice
by Sara Peno

Unity or uniformity? How important is a unified translation?
by James Chater

Principles of harmonization in eastern Slavic chant
by Jopi Harri

Divergent Chant Traditions in Modern Caucasus Georgia: An Examination of the Earliest Recordings and the Influence of Western Choral Practice
by John Graham

The figures of composer and chanter in Greek psaltic art
by Achilleas Chaldaiakis

Every Bird has its own song”: Congregational singing and the making of Estonian Orthodoxy, 1840s-1940s
by Jeffers Engelhardt

The idea of canonicity in Orthodox liturgical singing
by Ivan Moody


ISSN: 1796-9581

ISBN: 978-952-99883-1-0

The Proceedings of the Second International Conference on Orthodox Church Music at the University of Joensuu include 22 papers given by musicians and scholars from eleven different countries. The volume is the second publication from the International Society for Orthodox Church Music.


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