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The Traditions of Orthodox Music

Proceedings of the First International Conference on Orthodox Church Music
University of Joensuu, Finland - 13-19 June 2005

Table of Contents

Byzantine Musical Tradition in Romania as revealed in Romanian Anastasimataria
(19th - 20th centuries)
by Alexandru-Marius Dumitrescu

Staying awake at the wheel: Some thoughts on arranging and composing Orthodox church music
by James Chater

The “Decay” Revisited: The St Petersburg Court Chant in the context of other common chan traditions of 19th century Russia
by Jopi Harri

Certain compositional characteristics in the heirmos of the 8th Tone 
(based on Russian sources from the 12th - 17th centuries)

by Svetlana Poliakova

How Musical was the ‘Sung Office’? 
Some observations on the Ethos of the Late Byzantine Cathedral Rite

by Alexander Lingas

The Heirmologion by Balasios the Priest: A Middle-point between Past and Present
by Ioannis Arvanitis

The Perspectives of Reviving Znamenny Singing in Russia
by Anatoly Grindenko

ISSN 1796-9581 

ISBN 978-952-99883-0-3

The Proceedings of the First International Conference on Orthodox Church Music at the University of Joensuu include papers given by musicians and scholars from twelve different countries. The volume is the first publication from the International Society for Orthodox Church Music.


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