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ISOCM Conferences

The Fifth International Conference on Orthodox Church Music

“Church Music and Icons: Windows to Heaven”
University of Eastern Finland, in Joensuu, Finland / 3-9 June 2013

Conference Highlights    

The Fifth International Conference on Orthodox Church Music, "Church Music and Icons: Windows to Heaven," took place at the University of Eastern Finland, in Joensuu, Finland, 3 - 9 June 2013.

The conference was held at the School of Theology (Agora Building), Philosophical Faculty, University of Eastern Finland (Yliopistokatu 4, 80101 Joensuu). The conference programme included panel discussions, interdisciplinary contributions relating to iconography and hymnography, and an excursion to local Orthodox and Finnish locales.

Tentative Conference Programme
Participants from around the world gathered to present papers and discuss topics relating to the Conference theme. Below is the schedule from the conference.

All papers will be published as the proceedings of the conference.

Monday 3rd June
10.00 Opening Welcome Session

Greetings and introductions - Welcome from Fr Ivan Moody, ISOCM board chairman

Book launch - Unity and Variety in Orthodox Music: Theory and Practice. Proceedings of the Fourth International Conference on Orthodox Church Music, University of Eastern Finland, Joensuu, Finland, 6-12 June 2011


13.00 First Session
Alla Generalow (USA): Process in Contemporary Hymnography and Iconography:  Fr. Vasilije Sokolovic and his father, St. Budimir of Dobrun

Jaakko Olkinuora (Finland): Hymnography as iconic telling: the Entrance of the Theotokos

Sydney Freedman (Ireland): 'Evidence of the Divine Economy': Christ's Work and Condescension in the Iconography and Hymnography of the Bridegroom Services


15.00 Second Session
Ivan Moody (Portugal): Mary of Egypt as Opera and Icon

Lisa Radakovich Holsberg (USA): A Simple Tune: Contemporary Chant Settings of Byzantine Poetry

16.00 Third Session
Bogdan Djakovic (Serbia): Serbian Orthodox Choral Music: last three decades of its revival

Nina Zakharina (Russia): Stichera for the Feast of the Dormition of the Mother of God: problems of reconstruction: Стихира Успению Богородицы «Егда преставление»: Проблемы реконструкции

18.00 Vespers, Church of St John the Theologian, Orthodox Seminary (Torikatu 41)

19.00 Reception hosted by the Orthodox Church of Finland

Tuesday 4th June
10.00 Fourth Session
Simon Marincak (Slovakia): Liturgical Music of the Eparchy in Mukacevo - References in the Oldest Written Witnesses

Svetlana Kujumdzieva (Bulgaria): An interpretation of the Song of Moses’ miniature depicted in manuscript Vaticanus Graecus 752

Flora Kritikou (Greece): Abbot Sisoes’ lamentation: a composition with iconographical origins


13.00 Fifth Session
Achilleas Chaldaiakis (Greece): Illustrating Melodies: Iconographical Instructions into Byzantine Music Theory and Practice

Thomas Apostolopoulos (Greece): Diagrams and “Kanonia” as Visual Representations of Musical Instruments in the Theory of Psaltic Art

Michalis Stroumpakis (Greece): Byzantine Iconography and Byzantine Church Music: two parallel paths


15.00 Sixth Session
Dimitrios Balageorgos (Greece): Imaging the Holy Trinity with Words and Music

Vasileios Salteris (Greece): Music as Iconography: the case of a Despoticon Sticheron

Meri Kumbe (Albania): Music through Iconography in Albanian Churches

18.00 Concert of Byzantine chanting, conducted by Achilleas Chaldaiakis

19.00 Reception hosted by the ISOCM

Wednesday 5th June
10.00 Seventh Session
David Lucs (USA): Introducing children to hymnography through iconography

Panagiotis Panagiotidis (Greece): Hymn and Melody as they are Depicted in the Icons of the Orthodox Church’s Holy Week

Costin Moisil (Romania): A pilgrimage, an icon, and a few songs


13.00 Eighth Session
Galina Alexeeva (Russia): New methodological approaches to the analysis of the processes of adaptation of Byzantine art in ancient Russia: singing tradition and liturgical action

Denis Gordeev (Russia): The interpretation of the colours of the clothes in the iconography of the great Theotokos feasts through hymnographic texts

Rev. Ionut Gabriel Nastasă (Romania): Unpublished Testimony About Church Music at Văratic Monastery (First Half of the XXth Century)


15.00 Ninth Session

Irina Gerasimova (Belarus/Russia): Ожившая икона Рождества Христова в 8-голосном концерте А. Цибульского "Таинство странное вижу"

Natalia Plotnikova (Russia): Трезвоны иконам Божией Матери в партесном многоголосии (in absentia)

16.00 Serbian chant workshop, conducted by Rev. Milos Vesin

18.00 ISOCM General Meeting

Thursday 6th June
10.00 Tenth Session
Katariina Husso (Finland): Tradition re-evaluated: Discourse on Orthodox icons in Finland

Maria Takala-Roszczenko (Finland): The Byzantine "revival" in Finnish Orthodox church music in the 1950-60s

Anna Sander (UK): Musical inspiration and musical imagery in the liturgical visions of Mechtild von Hackeborn of Helfta (1241-1299).


13.00 Eleventh Session
Svetlana Poliakova (Portugal): Russian Studite Sticheraria: some remarks on their Palestinian origins

Gregory Myers (Canada): Archbishop John of Novgorod, a Miraculous Icon and the Singing of a Kontakion


14.30 Twelfth Session
Natalia Kostyuk (Ukraine): Общенародное пение в богослужениях ХІХ − первых десятилетий ХХ века (по материалам периодической печати) (in absentia)

Yuliya Artamonova (Russia): The earliest hymns to Iosif Volotsky from Eparchial collection

15.30 Serbian chant workshop, conducted by Rev. Milos Vesin

17.30 Vespers

18.30 Reception hosted by the City of Joensuu

Friday 7th June
10.00 Thirteenth Session
Evan Freeman (USA): Beyond Style as a Criterion of Orthodoxy: Orthodox Iconatrophy in the Writings of Florensky, Ouspensky, and Kontoglou, and Suggestions for a New Orthodox Iconology

Gregory Ealy (USA): Teaching and Tradition: Singing the Bakhmetev and Kievan Obikhods in English

Girolamo Garofalo (Italy) The Byzantine chant of the Arbëresh (the Sicilian-Albanian minority) of Sicily: a Greek-Byzantine musical island inside an Italian island


13.00 Fourteenth Session
Aleksey Gudkov (Russia): Снедая свиток: мотив творческой инициации в иконографии прп. Романа Сладкопевца [The eating of the scroll: the motif of creative initiation in the iconography of Roman the Melodist]

Grammenos Karanos (USA): Poetic and Musical Imagery in Kalophonic Heirmoi to the Theotokos (in absentia)


14.30 Fifteenth Session
Daniel Galadza (Canada): "Open your mouth and attract the Spirit": Participation in the Icon of Worship

Melita Mudri-Zubacz (Canada): Liturgical Song as an Aural Icon: Towards a Theology of Sound and Participation

15.30 Serbian chant workshop, conducted by Rev. Milos Vesin

Free Evening

Saturday 8th June
Excursion to Lintula monastery
Excursion to New Valaam monastery, Heinävesi

Sunday 9th June
10.00 Liturgy at St Nicholas Church, Orthodox parish of Joensuu

A list of current registrants is available here.

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