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The Fourth International Conference on Orthodox Church Music

“Unity and Variety in Orthodox Music: Theory and Practice”
Joensuu, Finland / 6-12 June 2011

Conference Highlights    

The Fourth International Conference on Orthodox Church Music, "Church, State and Nation in Orthodox Church Music," took place at the University of Eastern Finland, Joensuu, Finland, June 6-12, 2011.

The topic of the Conference: "Unity and Variety in Orthodox Music: Theory and Practice," was addressed in papers presented by participants from around the world.

The Conference programme included a workshop of Georgian church singing, a concert, and an excursion to local Orthodox and Finnish locales.

Additional information
For more information, Maria Takala-Roszczenko (

The Programme of the Conference is available below.

The web page of the School of Theology at the University of Eastern Finland is available at:

Conference Programme

5th June 2011, Sunday


6th June 2011, Monday

10:00 Opening session


13:00 First session, Chair: Christian Troelsgaard and Ivan Moody

Christian Troelsgård (Denmark):
Chant papyri and the New Jerusalem Tropologion – some early documents on the formation of the Orthodox chant repertories

Serafim Seppälä (Finland):
Existence as a Song? The Mystical Ontology of Singing

Ivan Moody (Portugal):
In Time and Out of Time: Theology in Sofia Gubaidulina's St John Passion and St John Easter

Coffee break

15:00 Second session, Chair: Ivan Moody

Hilkka Seppälä (Finland):
Unity and variety of church music traditions: a theological view

Yulia Artamonova (Russia):
Единство в многообразии.  О пении "на подобен" [Unity in variety. Concerning singing “on podoben”]

Simon Marincak (Slovakia):
Notes on the congregational participation in the Eparchy of Mukacevo

18:00 Concert of Orthodox church music, Lutheran Church of Joensuu

Georgian chanters, conducted by John A Graham
Greek chanters, conducted by Achilleas Chaldaiakis

Reception, hosted by the Orthodox Church of Finland
at the Joensuu Orthodox Seminary

7th June 2011, Tuesday

10:00 Third session, Chair: Achilleas Chaldaiakis

Thomas Apostolopoulos (Greece):
Levels of orality in Byzantine music

Flora Kritikou (Greece):
The kalophonic settings of Stichera idiomela in the Byzantine and Cyprian traditions: convergences and divergences

Michael Stroumpakis (Greece):
The interpretative tradition of Hymns in Athonite monasticism.  Diversity and unity.
The first approach.


13:00 Fourth session, Chair: Nicolae Gheorgita

Dimitrios Balageorgos (Greece):
Unity and variety in Orthodox music: The case of Great Doxology

Evangelia Spyrakou (Greece):
Unity through variety in Christian choral traditions: The case of Byzantine choirs and
the Roman Schola Cantorum

Achilleas Chaldaiakis (Greece):
Singing antiphonally: unity or variety?

Coffee Break

15:00 Workshop of Georgian liturgical chant

Conducted by John A Graham (USA/Georgia)

17:30 Vespers

Reception hosted by the City of Joensuu
at City Hall

8th June 2011, Wednesday

10:00 Fifth session, Chair: David Lucs

John A Graham (USA):
Unsung Melodies: Voice-crossing in Georgian Troparion Chants

Ekaterine Diasamidze-Graham (Georgia):
Russian and Georgian Chant: the Phenomenon of their Coexistence in a Russian Orthodox Church in Tbilisi

David Shugliashvili (Georgia):
Similarities and Differences in the Georgian Chant School Traditions


13:00 Sixth session, Chair: Bogdan Djakovic

Ivana Perkovic (Serbia):
Musical metaphors and symbols in Serbian liturgical poetry (Srbljak) and hagiography (žitija)

Svetlana Kujumdzieva (Bulgaria):
Music for St. Petka of Tirnovo

Albina Kruchinina (Russia):
Службы соловецким преподобным: общее и индивидуальное [Offices for the Solovetsky ascetics: common and individual] (in absentia)


15:00 Seventh session, Chair: Svetlana Kujumdzieva

Nina Zakharina (Russia):
Стихира Успению Богородицы "Егда преставление" в древнерусских и старообрядческих певческих книгах
[Sticheron for the feast of the Dormition of the Mother of God “Egda prestavlenie” in ancient Russian and Old-Believer chant books]

Jaakko Olkinuora (Finland):
The Doxastikon of the Aposticha for the feast of the Eisodia: a poetic-musical study

16:30 Workshop of Georgian liturgical chant

18:00 Annual meeting of the ISOCM

Free night

9th June 2011, Thursday

10:00 Eighth session, Chair: Yulia Artamonova

Melitina Makarovskaya (Russia):
О двух богослужебно-певческих традициях в современном поповском старообрядчестве
[Concerning two liturgical singing traditions among contemporary Popovcy Old-Believers]

Nicolae Gheorgita (Romania):
Observations on the Technique of Transcription
(έξήγησις) into the New Method of Analytical Music Notation of the Sunday Koinonikon of the 18th Century

Natalia Ramazanova (Russia):
Две ветви старообрядческой книжности в Российской Национальной библиотеке [Two branches of Old-Believer literature in the Russian National Library]
(in absentia)


13:00 Ninth session, Chair: Ivan Moody

Bogdan Djakovic (Serbia):
The new identities of contemporary Serbian Orthodox church music: The Gypsy Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom by Zoran Mulic (2010)

Ekaterina Sadikova (Russia):
‘Первый среди равных’: регент Свято-Тройцкой Сергиевой Лавры о. Матфей (Мормыль) [‘Primus inter pares’: cantor of the Holy Trinity-St. Sergius Lavra, Archimandrite Matfey (Mormyl’)]


14:30 Tenth session, Chair: Svetlana Kujumdzieva

Dmitry Chernyak (Russia):
Опыт прояснения метрики пространного пения в псалмах для употребления за богослужением в Единоверческих православных общинах
[Exploration of the metric system of melismatic singing of psalms in liturgical service in the Edinovercy Orthodox parishes]

Ardian Ahmedaja (Austria):
Fan S. Noli and musical practice in the Orthodox Church in Albania

15:30 Workshop of Georgian liturgical chant

17:30 Vespers at St Nicholas church, Kirkkokatu 23

Reception hosted by the Regional Council of North Karelia

10th June 2011, Friday

10:00 Eleventh session, Chair: Maria Takala-Roszczenko

Irina Gerasimova (Russia):
Реквиальная служба Николая Дилецкого: вопросы реконструкции [Requiem by Nikolay Dilecki: questions of reconstruction]

Daniel Galadza (Canada/Italy):
Russia, Ruthenians, and the
Russicum: the Life and Work of Ludwig Pichler, S.J.

Natalya Plotnikova (Russia):
"Реквиальная" Служба Божия Василия Титова: открытия и загадки ["Requiem" Divine Liturgy by Vasily Titov: findings and enigmas] (in absentia)


13:00 Twelfth session, Chair: Petri Nykänen

Costas Manoras (UK):
The musical traditions of the Choir in the Greek Cathedral St. Sophia London
(presented by Theodora Adigun)

Inge Kreuz (Germany):
Centonization in Old Russian Liturgical Chant


14:30 Thirteenth session, Chair: Ardian Ahmedaja

Galina Alekseeva (Russia):
Память византийской традиции в русской певческой терминологии (на материале Азбуки XVII века БАН 32.16.18) [Reflection of Byzantine tradition in Russian singing terminology (on the basis of 17th century Azbuka from the Russian Academy of Science Library no. 32.16.18)]
(in absentia)

Petri Piiroinen (Finland):
Spiritual songs of the "Vaeltajan laulut" collection in post-war Finland

15:30 Workshop of Georgian liturgical chant

17:30 Vespers

19:00 Conclusion of the Conference

11th June 2011, Saturday

Excursion to Tuupovaara and Ilomantsi

c. 12:30 Visit to the chapel of Christ "Not Made By Hands" in Tuupovaara, coffee
c. 13:45 Visit to the chapel of St Herman of Alaska in Kovero
c. 14:30 Visit to the Rune-singer's house in Parppeinvaara, Ilomantsi, lunch

18:00 Vespers at Prophet Elijah church of Ilomantsi

Visit to the Wine Tower (Hermanni's Winery)

12th June 2011, Sunday

10:00 Divine Liturgy and Vespers (Pentecost)

Church of St Nicholas, Orthodox parish of Joensuu
Lunch at parish hall





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