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International Conference on Sacred Music East and West:

“Enlightenment & Illumination”

Prague, Czech Republic / 23-25 November 2018

Conference Schedule


Thursday 22 November


11:00 – 13:00

Workshop I:

Marek Valášek: Elements of Eastern Sacred Music in Czech Music


14:30 – 16:00

Workshop II:

Maria Alexandru: Byzantine Music Education


Workshops take place at Charles University, Faculty of Education

Magdalény Rettigové 47/4, 116 39 Praha 1- Nové Město-Praha 1 Room R 107.



Friday 23 November


Conference Venue:
Charles University, Faculty of Education

Magdalény Rettigové 47/4, 116 39 Praha 1- Nové Město-Praha 1 Velký sál (Large hall).


10:00 Opening addresses
Opening addresses

10:30 First Session


Maria Alexandru:

Logos and Light in Byzantine Hymnography and Music. Thoughts on the Meta-aesthetics of Byzantine Chant

Emmanouil Doundoulakis:
The Terms “Light” and “Illumination” in the Hymns of the Theotokarion of St Nikodemos the Hagiorite

Dr. Solon J. Hadjisolomos:
Byzantine Musical Tradition in Cyprus in the 18th Century




13:00 Second Session


Emmanouil Giannopoulos:
Compositions having the Designation “Ancient” (“ἀρχαῖον”) or “Old” (“παλαιόν”) in Psaltic Manuscripts and Printed Musical Books of Orthodox Chant

Thomas Apostolopoulos:
A Description of a Pre-theory of Psaltike in German in a Printed Book of 1781

Flora Kritikou:
The Case of the Musical Fragment Sinai X414

Balageorgios Dimitris:

The Contribution of Parthenios Sgoutas to the “Exegesis” of the Notation

Christiana Demetriou:

The Troparion Proskynyseos “Όντως μεγαλεία σοι εποίησε”


Coffee, refreshments


16:00 Third session

Marios Christou:

The Kratema in the 1st Plagal Mode by P. Chalatzoglou – An 18th-century Kratema written in Sonata Form?

Nina-Maria WANEK:

Early Studies on the “Greek Mass”: 18th-century Documents as an Expression of Enlightened Interest in Foreign Musical Cultures?

Panteleimon Zafiris:

Eastern Sacred Music in a West Context during the Enlightenment: Eastern Catholic Churches

Viktroria Legkikh:

St Nicholas of Myra as an Illuminated star and Bridge between the Catholic and Orthodox Worlds in Hymnography

Athanasios Delios:
The Presence of Light in the Kalophonic Sticheron “Προτυπῶν τὴν ἀνάστασιν”

18:30 Reception



Saturday 24 November


­9:30 Fourth Session

Robert Galbraith:

The European Enlightenment: Very Different Effects on European and Russian Sacred Music

Chiara Bertoglio:

Themes of Light in Christoph Graupner’s Sacred Output

Florian Bassani:

Gregorio Ballabene's 48-part Mass for twelve choirs (1777): Megalomaniac Anachronism or Enlightened Completion of the Roman Baroque?

Anna Sanda:
Balancing between Tradition and Rationalism: Enlightenment and Sacred Music Practice at the Late 18th century Electoral Court Chapel in Bonn





13:00 Fifth Session

Leona Stříteská:
The Cecilian Movement contra Enlightenment Ideals

Helena Kramářová:
Enlightenment and Music in Brno in the Second Half of the 18th Century

Kinga Kiwała:

Temporal Aspects of “Epiphanic Moments” in Religious Music

Bogdan Djakovic:
The Meeting of the Ideas of the Western Enlightenment and Eastern Illumination at the Serbian Karlovci Metropolitanate in the 18th century: from Theology to Music




15:30 Sixth session

Ivan Moody:

Icons of Light

Oleh Harkavyy:
Oleh Harkavyy's "Lux aeterna" (2018) in the "Light" of the Enlightenment

Slavomír Hořínka:
Changing the Scale of Perception: a Compositional Strategy of Illumination and Enlightenment


19:30 Concert:

Liturgy and Mass

Enlightenment and Illumination

Sacred Music of the 18th century East and West

A concert presenting various settings of the Western Mass by great masters such as W. A. Mozart, J. Haydn and others along with notable settings of the Eastern Liturgy of St John Chrysostom by famous Orthodox composers


Piccolo coro & Piccola orchestra, conductor: Marek Valášek (Czech Republic)

Achilleas Chaldaiakis (Greece) – solo, protopsaltis

Venue: Church of St Wenceslas of Zderaz, Resslova 300/6 120 00, Prague 2


Sunday 25 November


­9:30 Divine Liturgy

With the Philokallia Ensemble & Choir of the Cathedral of Ss. Cyril and Methodius
conductor: Marios Christou


Church of Ss. Cyril and Methodius, Resslova 9a, Prague 2


14:00 Seventh Session

Ivana Noble and Kateřina Kočandrle Bauer (two papers):
The Johannine Theology of Light in Orthodox Theology and Spirituality: From
St Gregory Palamas to 20th- and 21st-century Orthodoxy in the West





15:30 Eighth  session

Bogdan Hulea:
Orthodox Music from Transylvania between Byzantine and Folk Music

Svetlana Poliakova:
The Enlightenment of Russia: Views on the Introduction of Christian Chant

Jan Protopapas:
Music for Enlightenment and Illumination: An Introduction to the Sacred Music of Sikhism



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