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Ninth International Conference on Orthodox Church Music:

“Church Music and Topography:
City, Village, and Monastery”

Online / 7–11 June 2021


The International Society of Orthodox Church Music

School of Theology, University of Eastern Finland

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Conference Programme

Changes to the programme are possible! Last updated 9 June 2021

Time zone: EEST (UTC+3)

Abstract Book (pdf)

Technical information (pdf)

Monday 7 June

10.00–10.45 Opening ceremony

Opening addresses

Dr Maria Takala-Roszczenko, Assistant Professor of Church Music, UEF

Very Rev. Dr Ivan Moody, Chairman of ISOCM    

Technical introduction to sessions and virtual coffee breaks

10.45–11.00 Break

11.00–13.00 First Session / Chair: Maria Alexandru

11.00–11.30 Serafim Seppälä: Centre of the Earth in Patristic and Liturgical Understanding

11.30–12.00 Fr Damaskinos (Olkinuora) of Xenophontos: Moral Allegories in Byzantine Hymnography on Temples and Churches

12.00–12.30 Presentation cancelled, opportunity for discussion

12.30–13.00 Harri Huovinen: Participation in Psalmody and Church Membership in Cyril of Jerusalem

13.00–14.00 Break

14.00–15.30 Second Session / Chair: Costin Moisil

14.00–14.30 Nina-Maria Wanek: Geography in Psalms: Hagiosophitikon Settings of Psalms 1 and 3

14.30–15.00 Catalin Cernatescu: The musical tradition of the Epitaphios Threnos in the Byzantine and Post-Byzantine Era

15.00–15.30 Presentation cancelled, opportunity for discussion

15.30–16.00 Virtual Coffee Break (What's this?)

16.00–16.45 Keynote Presentation I / Host: Fr Ivan Moody

Daniel Galadza: Sacred Topography and Hymnography for Holy Week in Jerusalem in Codex Hagios Stavros gr. 43 (AD 1122)

18.00–19.15 Concert (Joensuu)

Ilkka Heinonen and Vladimir Belov: Echoes of Karelian Saints

Tuesday 8 June

10.00–11.30 Third Session / Chair: Ruth Alison Kolosova

10.00–10.30 Gregory Myers: The Ritual Comings and Goings of the Medieval Slavs: Stational Liturgical Action and Music

10.30–11.00 Victoria Legkikh: Rejoice the City of Murom

11.00–11.30 Study Group for Byzantine Musical Palaeography “Chrysorrhemon” (School of Music Studies of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki): ‘The Place’ of the ‘Uncircumscribed’: Thoughts on Hymns and Troparia for the Most Holy Theotokos from Various Local Traditions through the Centuries

11.30–12.00 Break

12.00–13.30 Fourth Session / Chair: Svetlana Zvereva

12.00–12.30 Aleksandr Andreev: Sources for the Study of the Reform of Hierarchical Services in Moscow in the 17th Century

12.30–13.00 Robert Galbraith and James Cook: Novgorod as a Major Singing City and Strochny Polyphony

13.00–13.30 Elena Chernova: The All-Night Vigil in Early Russian Demestvenny Polyphony. Presentation of the Edition Project

13.30–14.30 Break

14.30–15.30 Fifth Session / Chair: Alexander Khalil

14.30–15.00 Tuuli Lukkala: Place and locality in the soundscapes of Orthodox worship in Finland

15.00–15.30 Vinay Thomas: Musicking and Chorality in the Malankara Orthodox Church

15.30–16.00 Virtual Coffee Break (What's this?)


16.00–16.45 Keynote Presentation II / Host: Fr Ivan Moody

Bissera V. Pentcheva: Eternal Victory: Byzantine Territorial Expansion and Constantinopolitan Liturgical Splendor at Hosios Loukas (Steiris, Greece)

18.00 Vespers (Church of St John the Theologian, Joensuu (Finland))

Wednesday 9 June

10.00–11.30 Sixth Session / Chair: Flora Kritikou

10.00–10.30 Panteleimon Zafiris: The Chanting Tradition of the Theological School of Halki. An Unknown Music Tradition of Constantinople and Ecumenical Patriarchate

10.30–11.00 Girolamo Garofalo: Father Lorenzo Tardo (1883-1967) and the “re-discovery” of Byzantine chant in the Monastery “San Nilo” of Grottaferrata (Rome, Italy)

11.00–11.30 Evangelia Spyrakou: On the Historically Informed Performance of Psaltic Art: Old Believers’ rituals as source material for understanding functions of byzantine chorós

11.30–12.00 Break

12.00–13.30 Seventh Session / Chair: James Chater

12.00–12.30 Pavlos Kordis: A Musical Ikon in New York City: Dino Anagnost conducts John Tavener. Tavener's unknown concert in the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America and Anagnost's musical legacy

12.30–13.00 Fr Ivan Moody: Exile: Space and Memory in the Music of Giya Kancheli

13.00–13.30 Ivana Medić: Music Inspired by Serbian Orthodox Monasteries

13.30–14.30 Break

14.30–15.00 Virtual Coffee Break (What's this?)


15.00–17.00 Workshop / Host: Maria Takala-Roszczenko

John A. Graham: Georgian Chant

17.00 Vespers (Ascension of Our Lord Orthodox Church, Iași (Romania))

Thursday 10 June

11.00–12.30 Eighth Session / Chair: Maria Takala-Roszczenko

11.00–11.30 Jenni-Tuuli Hakkarainen: The Localization of Orthodox Spiritual Songs: Finnish Translations of lyrics

11.30–12.00 Šimon Marinčák: The Zobor Monastery: Early Witness of the Slavonic Music

12.00–12.30 Svetlana Zvereva and George Lapshynov: Pechory and Valaam: Spiritual Oases of the Russia Abroad

12.30–13.30 Break

13.30–15.00 Ninth Session / Chair: Fr Damaskinos (Olkinuora) of Xenophontos

13.30–14.00 Nadezhda Shchepkina and Ekaterina Pletneva: Theta Combinations in the Stichera of the Transfiguration (Case Study of 10-12th Century Greek and Russian Manuscripts)

14.00–14.30 Maria Rizzuto: From Monasteries in Jerusalem and Nazareth to the Ethnomusicological Archive of the National Academy of Santa Cecilia in Rome: the Melkite Liturgical Chant in Leo Levi’s research

14.30–15.00 Ekaterine Oniani: On the Preliminary Musical Paleographic Analysis of Greek Codices with Late Byzantine Notation (According to Greek Manuscripts Preserved at the Georgian National Center of Manuscripts)

15.00–15.30 Break


15.30–16.00 Virtual Coffee Break (What's this?)

16.00–16.45 Keynote Presentation III / Host: Fr Ivan Moody

Alexander Khalil: The Chanting of Rev. Hanna Sakkab: a musical topography of time

17.30 Annual meeting of ISOCM

Friday 11 June

10.00–11.30 Tenth Session / Chair: Ivana Medić

10.00–10.30 Ștefan Aurel Ștefan: The presence of Doxastarion of Iacovos Protopsaltes in the Romanian Principalities in the 19th century

10.30–11.00 Maria Takala-Roszczenko: Time of Silence: Reactions of Finnish Orthodox Church Singers to COVID-19

11.00–11.30 Ionuț-Gabriel Nastasă: “Elevation of the Holy Cross” Heirmoi in Romanian Services

11.30–12.00 Break

12.00–13.30 Eleventh Session / Chair: Nina-Maria Wanek

12.00–12.30 Elitza Hristova: Some aspects of the development and promotion of Bulgarian liturgical music (comparative study of the processes in the capital, the village of Novi Han, Saint Panteleimon monastery in Patleina)

12.30–13.00 Tamaz Gabisonia: Christian Themes in Georgian Folk Music

13.00–13.30 Flora Kritikou: Cretan idiosyncrasies in the liturgical chant of the Ionian Islands: tradition, transmission and adaptation

13.30–14.30 Break

14.30–15.30 Twelfth Session / Chair: Fr Ivan Moody

14.30–15.00 Margaret Haig: The sacred encampment: the experiences of young people learning musical tradition

15.00–15.30 Nataša Marjanović: Sound recordings of Serbian church chant in the 20th century: Tangible traces of intangible cultural heritage

15.30–16.00 Virtual Coffee Break (What's this?)

16.00–17.00 Thirteenth Session / Chair: David Lucs

16.00–16.30 Chad Houk: Toward an Understanding of the Role of Digital Technology In Orthodox Life and Practice

16.30–17.00 Jacob Frimenko: Let us attend… Let us commend ourselves, and each other, and all our life unto Christ our God

17.00–17.15 Concluding words / Fr Ivan Moody

18.00 Vespers (St Andrew’s Greek Orthodox Cathedral, London (UK))

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