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Privacy Policy attachment – Service Providers

last updated: 11 February 2019

Service providers frequently used by the ISOCM

Please note that we may use other service providers not listed here.

Postal services:

Posti Group Corporation (Finland), see privacy policy


E-mail services:

1. communication with the Secretary or the Editorial Secretary; contact list of members and Joensuu conference participants: Google, Inc. (US), see privacy policy

2. communication with other ISOCM staff members: different GDPR compliant service providers


E-mail newsletter and Website: Ltd., see privacy policy

Joensuu conference registration:

University of Eastern Finland, see privacy policy


Payment processing:

1. Bank: OP Corporate Bank plc (Finland), see privacy policy

2. PayPal, Inc. (US), see privacy policy



Videns Oy, Finland (contract between the ISOCM and Videns Oy)


Operations inspection:

Finland (contract between the ISOCM and the operations inspector)

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