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Protocols for Submissions

Papers dealing with any aspect of Orthodox or Eastern church music, including history, theory, performance practice, source studies and cultural and theological aspects, are welcome from colleagues all over the world. 

The language of the journal is English, but papers in other languages will be considered for publication.  Queries concerning possible contributions should be sent in the first instance to the Editorial Secretary of the ISOCM, Maria Takala-Roszczenko at isocm.publications (a) gmail.com.

Books and recordings will also be reviewed. Material for review should also be sent to the Editorial Secretary of the ISOCM.

The ISOCM Editorial Board welcomes submissions for future issues of the Journal of the ISOCM, and may on occasion propose themes for specific issues of the Journal, after consulting the members of the Editorial Advisory Committee on this matter. Then it will announce the chosen theme on the ISOCM site www.isocm.com.

Manuscripts should be submitted to the editors as Word document attachments to Maria Takala-Roszczenko, ISOCM Editorial Secretary, at isocm.publications (a) gmail.com. Images should be submitted as separate files with notations for placement within the manuscript. The authors should also provide their e-mail address for correspondence, as well as their phone number.

The reception of the manuscript will be confirmed through e-mail, together with the registration number, the date of receiving the manuscript and the confirmation of the submission to the Editorial Board that will check whether the manuscript corresponds to the publisher’s requests.

If the manuscript does not correspond to the requests, the Editorial Secretary will send a brief e-mail to the author, asking him/her to modify it according to the publisher’s requests.

If there are serious errors in the contents or editing errors, the manuscript will be rejected ab initio by the Editorial Secretary.

If the manuscript corresponds from the beginning to the requests, the Editorial Board will pick two peer reviewers. One of the peer reviewers must be from a different university centre than the author(s).

The Editorial Secretary will send the verification request letter (asking for review within two weeks) to the reviewer via e-mail, accompanied by the manuscript.

The reviewers' decision (acceptance without amendments, acceptance with minor/major modifications, rejection) will be announced immediately by the Editorial Secretary to the author via e-mail.

Should the manuscript be accepted with amendments, the anonymous comments of the reviewers will be sent together with their decision and the Editorial Board’s position.

The author must send the modified version of the manuscript (according to the previous protocol) within four weeks, together with a letter/Word document attached to the e-mail, answering to each of the reviewers’ comments, showing the way in which the work has been modified.

The e-mail will be sent to the Editorial Secretary who will forward this answer to the reviewers. Provided that they are satisfied with the answer they will send the decision of acceptance of the modified version to the editorial staff.

If the reviewers agree only partially with the author’s answer, they will ask for a supplementary review of the manuscript, explaining each of their issues. The protocol will be the same as described previously.

If the reviewers consider that in any of these reviews the author has not answered the requests or the answer was not satisfactory, they will reject the manuscript, and this decision will be communicated to the author(s) by the Editorial Secretary.

Once a manuscript has been accepted, the acceptance will be announced in a meeting of the Editorial Board. The staff will prioritize the manuscript, taking into account the following criteria:

  • the reviewers’ opinions,

  • no author should have more than one article in the same issue of the Journal,

  • the degree in which the different themed sections of the Journal are covered.


Please contact Maria Takala-Roszczenko, ISOCM Editorial Secretary, at: isocm.publications (a) gmail.com


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