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Prayers Requested for Ukrainian Musician

Katia Myroniuk, a singer, musician, wife, and mother of 3 young sons was injured in an automobile accident January 17, 2015.

Katia's husband, Taras, conducts the Bells of Podil sacred music choir in Kiev, Ukraine and has recorded Roman Hurko's Liturgy No.1. For the remainder of 2015, 100% of the proceeds of all downloads of Hurko's Liturgy #1 via iTunes will be donated to assist with Katia's hospital expenses.

The family was traveling back home to Kyiv after visiting family in Western Ukraine. Katia was sleeping in the back seat of the car with her 3 sons. The car hit black ice, swerved and flipped over a couple of times ejecting Katia and her 5 year old son through the windshield of their car. Katia sustained severe facial lacerations, a broken jaw and teeth, eye injury and both her arms were broken.

Katia will need several surgical procedures to reconstruct her face, and time to do this is critical. Insurance in Ukraine is expensive and does not cover many procedures. Most if not all medical procedures are paid in cash. Roman Hurko, a close friend of the family and one of ISOCM's founding members is requesting assistance for Katia and her family to help with offsetting the growing daily expenses related to her recovery.

Hurko's Liturgy No.1, recorded by Taras Myroniuk is available for purchase and download here:

The members of the ISOCM offer their prayers to God for the speedy and full recovery of Katia from this horrible accident, and ask that you join us in helping the Myroniuk family at this difficult time.

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